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Spam e-mails about watching football games

cmuller Novice
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I am receiving way too many spam e-mails from this group. I am not technology efficient enough to understand why I am all of a sudden getting unrelated to teaching with technology. 


I have decided to only be active in my other groups and am discontinuing this group.


Thanks for your understanding,

Christine Muller

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    mjohnson Novice
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    Christine (and others):


    The Thinkfinity Community is currently receiving a high quantity of SPAM messages in many of our more popular groups and spaces. We certainly apologize for the inconvenience it is causing and please be assured that the Thinkfinity site admins are hard at work fending off this latest round of SPAM.


    You can certainly go to the upper right corner of the group overview page and select the "Following" link to turn off following. This will stop the email notifications for the group, including the SPAM messages, You can then return to following once the SPAM has been brought under control.


    We hope that everyone will continue to participate in this group - your sharing of ideas has brought new ideas and tools to many of our members! Also, know that your email address has not been compromised. You are only receiving SPAM because you had chosen to follow the group. We will post a message on the group overview page when we have the SPAM taken care of.


    Thank you so much for your patience and always feel free to contact us with your concerns.


    Marc Johnson

    Verizon Thinkfinity Community Host

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      enickers New User
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      This has been happening to me too. I get over 50 a day!

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        Jane Brown Master
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        hi Elena,


        Here are three suggestions:


        1. Identify any spam emails as junk mail coming to your email account so they will go to your Junk Mail folder and then be deleted.
        2. Go to any group from which you are receiving spam emails and select Stop email notifications.
        3. Select the little arrow next to your Welcome, Jinny Hoden, select Preferences in the drop down menu, and turn off People, places and content I'm following (Followed Activity) by selecting the radio button in front of NEVER.

        Please note, the digest email feature does not work yet, so no need to try this option, just go straight for the NEVER for now.


        This should stop these streaming video emails that are flooding your email inbox.  You can turn them back on after we have this spam issue under control.


        Please post back here if this solves your email problem and if you are still getting some we will talk again.

        Jane Brown

        Thinkfinity Community Manager

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