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Materials from Our Recent Technology Summit

kallen Posted by kallen in St. Philips Academy on May 20, 2011 7:45:19 AM

We held a Technology Summit for area independent and private schools on May 13, 2011. The Summit included two sets of workshops and a panel discussion.


The panel was titled "Technology in Our Schools: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?" . It featured:

Andy Berndt, Google, Vice-President of the Creative Lab
Al Browne, Verizon Foundation, Vice-President, Education and Technology of the Verizon Foundation and National Director of Thinkfinity
Dave Clune, Educational Records Bureau, President
Miguel Brito, St. Philip’s Academy, Head of School

and was moderated by Elisa M. Basnight, Esq., BIR & Founder of Girls Action Network, Inc


You can view a recording of the panel here.



The Workshops were split into two series. The first series was intended to provide guidance about building 21st Century Skills in the context of everyday classes. This included:

  • Developing Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Creating Socially Responsible Global Citizens
  • Encouraging Media Literacy through Content Development


The second series was about how to use technology in the classroom. This included:

  • Plotting a Technology Scope and Sequence for Early Education
  • Bring the Classroom Home by Creating a "No Excuse" Culture and Supporting Parents through Communication
  • Use Thinkfinity for Free Online Resources and Professional Development


With the exception of the Thinkfinity Workshop which was led by the trainer, Theresa Gibbon, all of our workshops were led by our faculty. The PowerPoints for the first series of workshops are attached to this post. THe second series of workshops will be attached to the next post. The Technology Scope and Sequence Workshop also included a template to help teachers craft their own Scope and Sequence and that is also attached.


I hope these materials are the start of an on-going collaboration and conversation with any interested technology integration specialists. Please leave a comment or question if it brings up any thoughts or ideas.