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March Discussion Topic

mso Posted by mso in Reaching English Language Learners on Mar 4, 2011 2:39:43 PM

Hi everyone,

Our discussion topic for March is:

Mathematics Resources for ELLs


How do you help your ELLs achieve success in mathematics, especially with regard to their solving word problems? 

With numbers being a fairly universal symbol, most ELLs have less difficulty with computation and struggle more with the reading and understanding of multi-step word problems, as well as the explanation of the process they use to solve those problems.



One web activity that I like to use for elementary students is -

Illuminations - Bobbie Bear - an adorable interactive site that helps ELLs visualize concept of creating an organized list to solve a word problem.  You have to figure out how many outfits Bobbie Bear can wear, with a given set of clothing items. The visuals help them with their solution and explanation of how they arrived at their answer.

Check out the link above...


Others??? - Please share...



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