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Want to take a break?

mabell Posted by mabell in Parents & Families on Mar 20, 2013 9:46:43 AM


Spring Break is coming up and not all of us are able to travel to someplace exciting. But you can do something fun together, and explore new places …virtually! Use the Geography category in Wonderopolis to locate and “visit” a few interesting places. Then think of a way to celebrate that learning together.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

baseball-player-hit-ball.jpgTogether, take a tour of the Windy City and then, in honor of the Cubs and White Sox, try to line up a baseball game at a local college or high school (they're often free); or rent a movie about baseball, such as the “Bad News Bears.” (Fix a little popcorn to make it a fun event. You know, Chicago has some of the best popcorn around!)


Where Does the Sun Never Set?  Start by reading this Wonder and watching the incredibly beautiful video of the midnight sun. Celebrate your learning about the Arctic Circle by sharing a snow cone or shaved ice!


Learn about Venice in Wonder 744: What Is a Gondola? and together prepare a WONDERful Italian dinner. And don’t say goodnight—that would be Buona notte!



Don’t forget the Big Apple! Visit New York City virtually in Wonder 718 and then see how many great NY icons you can list together. Known for its great subway system, celebrate with a ride on your own community's public transportation system. If your community doesn’t have public transportation, take a bike ride or drive to view a famous spot in your own area.


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