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Bullying Awareness Week, Mobile Apps, Gettysburg Address: November 11 to 17 on ReadWriteThink

tengrrl Posted by tengrrl in Reading & Language Arts on Nov 11, 2012 12:18:10 AM

gettysburg.jpgAbraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. While the speech is extremely short—just 267 words—Lincoln used the opportunity both to honor the sacrifice of the soldiers and to remind American citizens of the necessity of continuing to fight the Civil War. The Gettysburg Address stands as a masterpiece of persuasive rhetoric.


Looking for a way to talk about the historical anniversary? Try one of the activities on the ReadWriteThink calendar entry, use the new Word Mover mobile app to compose found poetry with the words of the Gettysburg Address, or ask students to make cards for historical figures who would be involved in the event with the Trading Cards Mobile App or Trading Cards Creator Interactive.


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[Photo: Cemetery Hill by Woody H1, on Flickr]


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