Jeanne Rogers

School Grades Announced

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Jun 30, 2011

Check your district and school grades, which were released Thursday, June 30.  Take a look at the official press release.

Jeanne Rogers

FCAT 2 Results

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Jun 23, 2011

Check to see how your school and district did on the 2011 FCAT Assessment.

Welcome, let’s learn from each other.  Now that you have joined the Verizon Thinkfinity Community and the Thinkfinity Florida group, feel free to explore the Community and join other groups of interest.  Reply to discussions.  Post a new discussion.  Recommend found resources. This is the place to interact with other educators around the globe.  Be an active member.  If you don’t feel comfortable posting, you will gain much, from those that do. 


Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!
January 23-27, 2012 will be "Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!".  The main goal of this event is to raise the awareness of programs offered by the DOE and the partner agencies and organizations.  Efforts of this event also promote the enjoyment of reading by all.


An archive of the 2011 event offers a look at the week's activities.

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