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Decentralized Musical Production

cmares28 Posted by cmares28 in Economics & Personal Finance on Oct 13, 2011 11:41:42 AM

Eric Whitacre an American Composer and Conductor found inspiration from a young woman named Britilin Lucy to bring people together from all around the world to audition for a virtual choir. (Watch Mr. Whitacre's Ted Talk). Using youtube as a platform 185 people from around the world came together to create the first virtual choir. It was released in March of 2010. The success of the first edition led to another even more ambitious production. Virtual Choir 2.0 used the voices of over 2000 people from 58 countries around the world to create this masterpiece. The lesson here is that knowledge and creativity are dispersed amongst individuals the world over. Try to think about the difficulties that a centralized body would have creating an evolving body of knowledge such as wikipedia. The internet is becoming and probably already is the finest of all human achievements. It's ability to bring down the borders which separate us and bring together creative, entrepreneurial minded people is remarkable. Even though for some of us today things are not going as well as we may have hoped, I cannot help by find reassurance in where we are going. The world is truly at our fingertips. A big thank you to Mr. Whitacre and all of the wonderful singers who partcipated in this project for reminding me.