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A Great Guide to EDSITEment Resources for Spanish Learning According to Levels of Proficiency: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

Luisannacr Posted by Luisannacr in Recursos para docentes del castellano on Oct 15, 2012 3:08:03 PM

A Great Guide to EDSITEment Resources for Spanish Learning According to Levels of Proficiency: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced



To begin, novices can get started with something most simple, like the colors in Spanish. It is important that students are introduced to a language in its entirety,
including listening comprehension, reading, and writing. The EDSITEment lesson
plan, De colores:,
presents ten basic colors for students to learn. The lesson plan has an
interactive activity appropriate for younger learners or novices. This
interactive also has audio, which allows students and learners to listen to the
new vocabulary words in Spanish while providing visuals to facilitate learning.



Another lesson plan for novices with some exposure to the language and basic vocabulary is the lesson plan La familia, This lesson plan has the basic vocabulary to talk about families and family
members. This lesson plan also has several activities for students to learn in
context about the new vocabulary. This is a lesson plan ideally covered after
the De colores lesson plan.



EDSITEment offers also online textbooks from the Secretariat of Public Education, which are all visually appealing, age-appropriate fully online interactive textbooks, for
several levels (elementary school grades, Mexico)






Libro de Texto, tercero de primaria, español:



Libro de Texto, quinto de primaria, español:



Libro de Texto, sexto de primaria, Educación Artística:



A complete list of vetted Spanish websites can be found at:



Other resources for Spanish learners of more advanced proficiency can also be
accessed by EDSITEment. Students might want to explore the life of a young girl
as a migrant worker in the fields of California (now a lesson plan also in



Other resources can also be found on our site! Have advanced students (AP Spanish
students) learn about some of the greatest poets of Spain and Latin America (a
bilingual feature available in both Spanish and Spanish):



Students can explore with an interactive resource a famous poem, or ode, by famous Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, the Oda al mar --this poem was also featured in the famous Italian film, Il postino:



Finally, perhaps students in the AP Spanish and college level would be interested about the first great Latin American poet, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. EDSITEment has an entire interactive unit with two lesson plans, both in Spanish and English,
with an interactive activity, an interactive timeline as well as several rich



Discover the poet that many call the “first feminist of the New World”



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