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How To: Create 'Folders' using the Categories Widget

Updated: August 26, 2012

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The Thinkfinity Community does not have traditional folders to file documents like you find on your desktop computer. Instead, it relies on keywords called tags. Members uploading documents should choose a few tags to describe the content in the document. When other members search the site, they'll find any information tagged with their search keywords.


However, administrators can organize documents, blog posts, and discussions into categories using the Categories widget. With this widget, you can create up to 25 categories that link directly to documents that contain the tag or tags you choose. It looks a lot like folders.


Set Up Instructions


1. Add a unique tag to one or more documents (ex: PD_dates). It's no problem for the file to have other tags too (ex: webinar how-to 2012 schedule).

2. From the Manage menu, choose Categories. Select Add New Category from the bottom of the pop up.

3. Name the category. This can be the same (ex: PD_dates) or different (ex: PD_Schedules) as the unique tag you chose. Save. Create up to 25 categories.

4. From the Manage menu, choose Overview page. Then, add the Categories widget to your overview page.



Handy Tips


1. Documents can be filed in different categories. For example, if one category called the tag "PD_dates" and another called the tag "PD_samples," a document tagged with both would appear in both categories.

2. Tags can not have spaces or hyphens. Use an underscore_ if needed.

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