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Common Sense Media, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology, and the Verizon Foundation have partnered to bring important digital citizenship tools and advice to teachers, parents and kids. Explore Common Sense Media's groundbreaking, free Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum, including video-rich lessons on topics including Internet safety, cyberbullying, privacy and digital footprint, respecting creative work, and more. Common Sense also offers a full complement of parent education materials.

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Cyberbullying Toolkit

Common Sense Media’s Cyberbullying Toolkit teaches students to stand up to online cruelty. The classroom activities and parent engagement materials are organized by grade level. Check out these sample resources for elementary school and visit to access resources for middle and high school grades.

Group Think Lesson (K-5)

Screen Out the Mean (K-5)

Parent Kit (Elementary)


Beyond Internet Safety

For a long time, Internet safety stressed 'stranger danger.' But studies have shown that only kids who were already inclined toward risky behavior were the ones likely to get into trouble. Instead, Internet safety is more akin to being a responsible driver. Kids need to understand the rules of the road so they can maximize their privacy and minimize the risks of damaging their reputations.

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Kids and Social Networking

Young people are pressured to share personal information and media files with their friends on social networking sites, yet they may not be mature enough to understand the consequences of their online actions. The video details the issues they may face and offers suggestions for setting acceptable social networking guidelines.

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