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FEATURE: Humorous Math Poetry Contest

Visibility: Open to anyone

NCTM Conference (April 25-28)

Participate: Math, Poetry, and Humor Contest!mhp.jpg


View Patrick Vennebush's full Contest Announcement >

Submit your original poetry in the following discussion:

Re: Humorous Math Poetry Contest : submit poems here.


Need help? Check out ReadWriteThink's 30 Poems You Can Write for National Poetry Month and see if you or your students can write a humorous, math poem for the Illuminations contest. You may be a winner!


Win an autographed copy of Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks!


Join the Learning Math group for more fun with math.

Be sure to click on the Blog tab and follow the NCTM Conference through Patrick's eyes.  Who else would find math in the Philadelphia fireplugs!


Complete the brief survey and be entered into a drawing for one $100 Amazon gift card or one of the five $30 Amazon gift cards, and you'll receive a promotional code for 10% off a future order from NCT.


Meet Featured Community Member: Patrick Vennebush, Math Teacher and now that you will recognize him, be sure to say "Hi Patrick" should you see him at the NCTM Conference. He's a very friendly person and would like to meet you too.

NCTM Conference Schedule of Special Events (April 25-28)

Presentations are scheduled in the Buzz Hub adjacent to the Thinkfinity Café as follows:


Thursday, April 26

12:45pm  and 3:15pm

Friday, April 27

1:00pm and 5:30pm

Saturday, April 28

10:20 am  


Look for Verizon Thinkfinity rep at this session, too: 

Bringing Real-World Data to Life for Students through Technology

Thursday, April 26 at 4:00 pm

Rm 118 B of the Convention Center


Please don't miss Denise Tuck's blog  The specified item was not found. Her search strategies will help you find the perfect lessons, interactives, and related resources to ensure your students meet the Math Common Core Standards.


Reminder, when you are at the NCTM Conference, please 

  • Visit the Verizon Thinkfinity Staff in the Thinkfinity Cafe and register in Thinkfinity Community for a prize
  • Already a member of Thinkfinity Community? Bring a friend to the Thinkfinity Cafe and have them register for Thinkfinity Community, you each will receive a prize

And while you are there enjoy a cup of coffee, not the virtual kind, the real stuff.


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