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How To: Increase Participation in a Group

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As a group owner, you may wish to grow the number of members in your group, host more engaging discussions, or encourage collaboration among a team. This document provides suggestions from successful group owners and seasoned community hosts on how to increase participation in a group.



Create a Warm Welcome


1. Create a welcome discussion for introductions. Encourage participates to write a brief description of themselves and explain why they are interested in the group. Learn how: How To: Start a Discussion


2. Create a welcome message for your group and send new members a private message. Make sure to include your group's mission and any relevant discussions or projects that are currently taking place. Learn how: How To: Manage Private Messages


3. Customize the group's overview page to highlight important or recent content. Decide what you want members to see first and then move that content towards the top of the page for easy viewing. Learn how: How To: Customize Your Group's Overview Page


4. Use a blog to draw attention to timely topics or make announcements. Add a relevant image to each blog post to grab the attention of members. Learn how: How To: Create and Customize Blog Posts


5. Write with a warm, personal style and engage members in discussion. Learn how: How To: Write Questions that Stimulate Discussion


Keep Members Coming Back


1. Post timely resources and discussion starters that reflect current events, celebrations, holidays, etc. Use the Thinkfinity search engine to find new and relevant content. Learn how: Search


2. Promote your group's discussion by sharing on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. Learn how: How To: Share Thinkfinity Discussions With Social Media


3. Encourage members to use your group's RSS feed to get new content delivered right to their inbox. Learn how: How To: Receive RSS Feeds from a Group


4. Create a document or set of documents that members can collaborate on. Depending on your group, you might create a document for lesson plan ideas, a group resource index, or a future group publication. The possibilities for collaboration are endless. Learn how: How To: Create a Document


5. Tag content in order to make it easy for members to search for content of interest. To organize a large amount of content, consider using categories in your group. Learn how: All About: Tagging   How To: Use Categories

Leverage Member Knowledge


1. Recruit a co-owner to assist with group owner responsibilities. Learn how: How To: Friend a Colleague


2. Create a poll and ask for feedback from group members regarding content and features. Learn how: How To: Poll Members


3. Encourage members to add new resources related to your topic using a common tag. Then, add the "Watch A Tag" widget to your group overview and watch the list grow. Learn how: How To: Add a Favorite Resource


4. Ask open-ended questions to deepen the discussion, but don't forget to ask questions with defined answers to encourage participation and allow your members to earn points within the Thinkfinity Community. Learn how: How To: Mark Your Discussion Question as Answered How To: Earn Points in the Thinkfinity Community

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