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Community Conduct Guidelines

We seek to have the Verizon Thinkfinity Community be a welcoming and productive place to interact. Please follow these common sense rules of conduct during your visits to the site:

  • Be courteous. Have an opinion, but don't attack others with hurtful or unprofessional remarks. When you disagree with someone, discuss the issue gracefully. Before you post something, ask yourself: how would I feel if this post were about me?

  • Do not post offensive content. Do not post material that is harassing, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, hateful, or embarrassing to any person or entity. Posting *********** is forbidden. Do not post words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or religion. A general rule of thumb: if you are interested in posting or quoting from an email publicly, please check with the sender first.

  • Respect copyright. Do not plagarize or post any images or other content from another source unless you are sure it is in the public domain or that the owner has granted permission. Check website terms of service to see if the site has rules about when you may reproduce content.

  • Respect the law. Adhere to laws and regulations in the country, state, and local jurisdictions where business is conducted.

  • Correct mistakes promptly. You can edit your comments and documents. Be sure to correct errors when alerted to them.



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