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Arkansas Common Core State Standards - Strategic Plan
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  • hrodgers92
    hrodgers92 on December 04, 2013
    "The purpose of this site is to guide teachers on implementing the common core standards. As an educator I would use this site for information on the new standards and to understand any big changes that have been made. In the education world, the information on this website is important because it gives teachers a place to go for further information on the changing standards."
  • alexa.zielinski@smail.astate.e
    alexa.zielinski@smail.astate.e on December 03, 2013
    "1. The purpose of this site is for educators and parents to better understand the new common core standards. This site provides all the standards for math and language arts so it is easily accessible not only for the educators, but for the parents as well.  2. This site is great for educators because they can just go on this site and pull frameworks for lessons. I have used this site more than I can count in order to write lesson plans and figure out what standards I want to use for certain activities. 
    3. This site is crucial to the education world because it gives information on standards that are overtaking the curriculum. This site is the future of education because many schools are adopting the common core standards in their schools. "
  • mnmccord
    mnmccord on May 06, 2013
    "This site keeps educators up to date on common core plans and helps teachers know what they need to be teaching in the classroom."
  • lynleerae
    lynleerae on May 03, 2013
    "This is the website to Arkansas' Common Core State Standards Strategic Plan (2012). It has many useful resources and documents."
  • darius.dunaway
    darius.dunaway on April 30, 2013
    "1. It's a historic opportunity for us all teachers to come together and collectively develop and adopt a core set of academic standards. This will ensure that students will be college and career ready and prepared to compete in the global economy.
    2. This helps me stay on track and teach students the information that will helpful to them and challenge their ability to learn new things. 

    3. It is a guide to keep teachers on track and to know what other teachers are teaching.  This helps everyone stay on the same page and not limit student learning.  "
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