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Item and Task Prototypes | PARCC
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  • tiffanychen
    tiffanychen on April 01, 2014
    "1. It gives sample questions for each grade in mathematics an ELA/literacy for the PARCC 2. As an educator I can use this in the grades that I teach for sample questions for the PARCC. Help prepare students better
    3. This information is helpful because it releases previous material and is aligned with the common core state standards. it matters because it is the goal as to what we are to teach to."
  • ashlee.davidson@smail.astate.e
    ashlee.davidson@smail.astate.e on December 05, 2013
    "1.) The purpose of this website is to provide information about the assessment system and support educators as they transition to the common core standards and the PARCC tests.
    2.) This website can help an educator in providing resources to lead to a better understanding of the upcoming introduction of common core and the PARCC test.

    3.) The information is important because it helps inform the educator so she can prepare her students for what is coming up.
  • hrodgers92
    hrodgers92 on December 04, 2013
    "The purpose of this website is to support educators through the transition into common core state standards. As an educator, I will use this website for information on sample questions in order to best prepare my students. This website is vital in the education world because it makes teachers feel a little more support and comfort during the transition so that are well informed on the changing tests."
  • alexa.zielinski@smail.astate.e
    alexa.zielinski@smail.astate.e on December 04, 2013
    "1. This site gives information and sample questions for the PARCC test. It also assists teachers by giving them insight on how to use their frameworks in order to help their students excel. 2. I could use this website to help show me how to use the common core frameworks the correct way for my students. I can also use it to pull sample questions from for the PARCC test. 
    3. This site is important to the education world because it gives important information on testing that will be part of our future. "
  • brenda.baker1
    brenda.baker1 on November 14, 2013
    "This site tells you everything you need to know about taking the PARCC. I will use this site in order to prepare for the PARCC. It is important for educators to know what they are supposed to know."
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