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  • shaynapoindexter
    shaynapoindexter on April 17, 2014
    "This website is great for struggling writers. It promotes writing in all forms."
  • dkeyes
    dkeyes on February 20, 2014
  • camo2191
    camo2191 on May 03, 2013
  • hannah.arnold
    hannah.arnold on May 03, 2013
    "1.This site gives great guidance for writing prompts and imaginative writing projects. 2. I would use this site to help give my students creative and structural guidance within their projects.3. This website provides many creative and high quality aids in student writing projects. "
  • on May 03, 2013
    "1.This is a website for improving writing and learning for all learners.
    2. I can use this for myself as well as helping my students writing skills.
    3. It can allow students scholarship, grants, as well as opportunities to improve their writing skills."
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