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How do you handle current weather events like a hurricane?

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As many students return to school today, many others may be preparing for the storm as Hurricane Isaac approaches the gulf coast states. How do you involve your students in current events such as this weather concern? Share your ideas here!

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    Hi, Amy,


    I felt the same way about Hurricane Katrina.  I created a set of 3 PPTs:  


    1.  An introductory photo essay with a song attached. The one with the song still working is on YouTube, but it doesn't look as good as the ones I posted on Box),


    2.  The second PPT has examples of possible "big questions" to guide student learning, ideas for connecting various literacies for the 21st century and a link to a chart on multiple intelligences which I love; (link has changed on MI;  here is the correct link).


    3.  Part III examines ways to connect the disciplines.


    Although you don't have time to do this before the hurricane arrives, the interest will remain for some time, especially regarding disaster preparedness, and many of the other items mentioned in the PPTs which are posted online on Box. (They don't look as good there, but every time I email them the song detaches, and it's a very important piece.) 


    My web site is www.21stcenturyschools.com if you'd like to take a look around.  My email is anneshaw21 at gmail.com



    I hope to hear from you


    Anne Shaw

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    Science NetLinks has a collection of resources dedicated specifically to Hurricanes.


    Our Science of Weather collection takes a look at the science behind the natural forces that cause weather.  It covers flooding, properties of air, climate change, weather patterns, the water cycle, and more.


    We hope you find these resources helpful when talking to your students about storms and major weather-related events.

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