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3D Multimedia Resources

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I just received this information in an email, and it provided links to some great multimedia resources...


Hi Erica,

Today's students live in a multimedia world, where video is a primary form of engagement and communication. But how do educators harness this powerful visual communication tool to motivate students to learn? The answer is affordable 3D technology.

The advent of affordable 3D technology promises to bring into reality the dream of fully engaged students. Plus, studies reveal a 30 to 35% improvement in student test scores when material is learned in 3D versus 2D.

To help you get started and learn the benefits of 3D in the classroom, we're proud to introduce you to our 3D classroom resource center.

Visit it to learn:

  • What 3D technology is
  • How to use 3D in the classroom
  • Case studies of successful 3D classroom implementations

Visit our 3D classroom resource center

To your success,

T.H.E. Journal and Texas Instruments




This site has articles, research, and resources all related to the use of 3D multimedia in classrooms.....


3D Classroom Resource Center


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    Hi Erica,

    I am glad you posted this information about the 3D classroom.  I saw this article this week and was thinking of starting a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of 2D versus 3D classrooms.  I would be interested in reading what teachers think of the 3D Classroom Resource Center, and if they think it is feasible to incorporate more 3D learning opportunities for their students. 


    Do teachers foresee 3D replacing 2D classrooms in the near future?  Obviously, test scores are proving that 3D learning is better than 2D learning.  I wonder if 3D learning will add a burden to the budgets of school systems which are already struggling for funding.



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      I personally don't see it happening in the near future. One of the biggest reasons, I believe, is due to $$$ and advancements of technology. Not too long ago my own laptop would not run 3D software, and I had a very good laptop provided to me through my university. One of my arguments for a new laptop was because I needed the software to study 3D programs. So given the state of the economy and how much our schools are already struggling financially, I think this would put an extra burden on our schools' budgets. Our ed schools (k-12 AND higher education) are already, typcially, quite far behind when it comes to the advancement of technology... especially when looking at other fields of study. I wish this weren't true... but that's how I see things. Unfortunately, it seems to take SOOOOO long to see any kind of change in our schools.

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