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Are homework assignments necessary?

Jeanne Rogers Apprentice
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I have seen and heard many things during my 39 years in education. I was at a baby shower a few weeks ago and several women were expressing their views about homework assignments their kids were given over spring break. They were not very positive. Homework is a topic that comes up year after year during parent conferences.  Sometimes, a teacher is told they don’t assign enough, other parents feel too much is assigned.  Phone calls are made requesting that their child have homework nightly; to give them something to do.  Still others feel their child should be challenged.  And there are those that don’t want any homework for a variety of reasons.

All homework assignments should have a purpose in extending the school curriculum.  Parents and teachers need to form a partnership in this endeavor. A teacher needs to decide if homework will add to the quality of learning for his/her students. Parents need to provide guidance and encouragement. All children are not successful with homework. Today there are homeless children in classrooms, children with a single parent who is perhaps working two jobs, children who are involved in numerous activities in and outside of school, and children who have the responsibility of other siblings in the household.  The teacher has a responsibility to adjust classroom expectations based on the needs of the individual. Parents and teachers, working together, can provide meaningful assignments that will result in academic enrichment. 

But, are homework assignments necessary?  Will more homework be a “result” of the rigor of Common Core State Standards?

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    Jeanne Rogers Apprentice
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    Thank you, Tammy Dewan, for sharing this website with the community Does homework really work? - Homework Help | GreatSchools.  As you pointed out, both sides to this question are provided in the article. What I find most interesting is that no real conclusions have been made.  Folks are still divided on this question.  I've heard from a few teachers that they are still experiencing difficulty with parents who "help" their child.  I've heard that students are sharing information with online courses.


    Have you seen an increase in homework?  Is the quality there that you expect?  Are students collaborating and working with others on assignments?  Has there been a change in homework assignments due to the pressure placed on schools and teachers?

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      Marcia Torgrude Apprentice
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      It was interesting that shortly after your question about homework that an article appeared in our local paper - "School Board Sets Guidelines for Homework Expectations".


      What do you think about their guidelines?


      "We're making homework time guidelines that are commensurate with increased expectations," Bray said after Tuesday night's board meeting.  One guideline states that teachers should consider a student’s age and mastery of skills, need for play time and out-of-school responsibilities and activities when assigning homework.

      The guidelines state that kindergartners through second-graders should have homework once or twice a week for a maximum of 30 minutes each, not to exceed more than three hours per week.

      Homework for third to fifth grades should be given two or three times a week for 30 minutes to one hour maximum each and not to exceed five hours a week.

      Grades six to eight can get daily homework for one hour to an hour and 30 minutes maximum.

      High school students should get a maximum of two hours and 30 minutes of homework daily.

      School board sets guidelines for homework expectations.

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