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Do you have a success story?

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Tell us a success story that will inspire teachers looking for new ways to incorporate Verizon Thinkfinity resources in their classrooms. Copy and Paste any associated URL so that others may visit the link directly from your text. Tell how you used this resource (we like it when you think outside the box and/or you all "piggy back" off of each others ideas).

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    I can't stop promoting the Thinkfinity calendar.  It has sparked many a discussion.  One day I was absent and left an assignment for students to look up their birth date and report back on an event on that date. (just month and day, not necessarily the year.)  I had them blog their answers.


    Students are fascinated with not only this "trivia," but the process in finding it.  I actually hear "This so cool!" and "Can I find this at home?" They go from year to year and searched for the most interesting thing on that date.  One student found an event related to the French and Indian War, but was more intrigued with Harry Houdini's birthday!  Once they find the information on the Thinkfinity calendar, they continue to search Thinkfinity and beyond for even more information.


    Assign this to one students each day and create a board, wiki, or blog to report the facts, or even create probing questions related to the events.  A very simple tool that students can use themselves, but can have a great impact on learning.

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