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Are you organized?

Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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Do you waste time looking for something that you "know" you put in a certain place, but it's not there when you try to find it again?  Are you often saying to yourself, "I am sure I put it right here!"  Was you mother always telling you if you put it in its proper place, you would know where to find it?


Every January do you make better organization your number one New Year's resolution?  So now that it's February, how's that working for you?


Thinkfinity has a collection of resources that should help you and your students get organized.  Here are some additional links from blogger David Andrade, a Physics teacher and educational technology specialist in Southwestern, CT.


  1. Evernote Resources - save everything here, organized by notebooks, notes, stacks, and tags and searchable. Text notes, files, documents, web clippings, etc.
  2. Google Apps Resources - apps, like email and calendar, can help you get and stay organized.
  3. Getting Organized Tips and Resources - some tips and ideas for getting organized, along with resources.
  4. Taking Organizing and Planning Tips from Ben Franklin - Ben Franklin was great at being organized and had some ideas that are used today.
  5. Great Uses for Binder Clips - help you get organized, and not just by clipping papers together.
  6. Tips, Resources, and Ideas for Going Paperless - going paperless can help you get more organized - less clutter, less space needed for paper, and the digital versions are easily searchable.
  7. Getting Organized with Google Calendar - tips on using calendar to get organized.
  8. Getting your Lesson Plans and Room Organized for a Substitute Teacher - life is much better for the sub, your students, and you when you return, when your lessons and classroom are organized.
  9. Using Technology to Organize your Lessons and Resources - be a much happier, more efficient teacher when you get yourself and your lessons organized.
  10. Getting Students and Teachers Organized - some tips for students and teachers.


How do you get organized and stay organized?

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    cmuller Novice
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    Hi Lynne Hoffman,


    I use planners to get and stay organized.  To organize my students I write them out a monthly schedule.

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    Jeanne Rogers Apprentice
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    Lynne, I have discovered that I am in a transition of relying solely on digital folders, files, even 'sticky notes'.  However, I am stuck in the old habit of handwritten bits of paper and I am drowning!  I have boxes of classroom items that I still need to sort through. Items are in the garage, in the closet, on my bedroom dresser! I downloaded CamScanner to my Nexus 7 Tablet.  It is helping to digitize my paper trail.  I've a long way to go!  I enjoy checking out various digital tools like Dropbox and Evernote. I then have problems remembering where I put things!

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      Jane Brown Master
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      Smiles! I bet that every veteran teacher understands exactly where you are coming from, Jeanne.  :-)  And every new teacher needs to take this to heart and plan a process for organizing their plans and documents.


      Who has a plan of organization that is working?  Are some of you posting on specific sites?  Do you worry about them closing down and you losing your access?

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