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What are your thoughts on having parents and students “check-in” throughout the summer?

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I have been pondering the idea about having students “check-in” throughout the summer shared by lmcshane. She stated, “If parents and students were required to "check-in" all summer long or show participation in a reading club to ensure fall enrollment in their school of choice - I am sure that we would see a greater effort to keep kids reading and working on math exercises.”


Then I wondered if any teachers have tried this concept of having the parents and students do some form of learning throughout the summer where they are required to “check-in” maybe online or record learning on a website such as a reading program. As a teacher, I sent the students home with an optional learning packet but didn’t require it to be completed or turned in the next school year.


What are your thoughts on having parents and students “check-in” throughout the summer? If you have tried this, what does it look like…do you have an online place they can “check-in”?

Teachers could even use this Thinkfinity Community as a way for students to “check-in." Teachers could set up polls relating to information students will learn during the next year--something similar to what Jane sets up in The Lounge for building our vocabulary. For example, this week the poll question is The specified item was not found..

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    I think it is an interesting idea, but not sure how to implement it correctly.  Parents that are invested in their students education would probably do this, but what about the kids that are left home all day while their parents work?  I still have students that don't do homework during the school year and don't have parent support at home. 

    I gave a geometry packet a few years ago to students that were accelerated 2 years and they had to complete it before mid-August.  They did do the packet, but not sure how much they retained and when they did it... not sure I am a fan.

    I think giving parents ideas of how to continue education in the summer would be better -- but not have a check-in (parents are very busy too and they probably want the summer off too).  Being a parent of three boys, I appreciate our summer days of pool and sprinkler time.  We read every day and I also make our 9 year old practice math facts during dinner, but not sure I would want a requirement of a check-in.

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