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How do you celebrate the work of teachers?

tengrrl Apprentice
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How do you mark and celebrate the work of colleagues or the folks who teach others in your family? Teachers like to know they are appreciated.


Do you have ideas for ways to celebrate the favorite teachers in your world? Or do you have a story about a particularly meaningful way that someone has celebrated your work? Share some ideas and stories with us!

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    jwojcik New User
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    I am a teacher but also a mother so I make every effort to recognize and celebrate the teachers who work with my own children (I should note that I teach at the same school that my children attend).  I remember them at holidays and Teacher Appreciation Day and I always include a note that let's them know specifically how much I appreciate them and what they have done for my child.  Even though I sometimes see or hear things that I may not practice in my own classroom and with which I may not agree, I always respect their choices and expertise.  Most of all, I make every attempt to be supportive of their program and the job they are doing.  I make every effort to be the kind of parent I would appreciate having in my own classroom.

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    msmstg01 Novice
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    At my school, the PTSA does a holiday luncheon and also one at the end of teacher appreciation week.  All the parents make food or just buy and bring in a variety of dishes.  It usually is mighty delicious!

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    klnester New User
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    At my school they also have a PTSA holiday luncheon and have a raffle with gifts.  The parents make a variety of dishes as well.  At the end of the year we have a catered lunch.  Our school also has a teacher recognition award at the end of the year.

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    Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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    The teachers at the high school where I last taught felt greatly appreciated by the parents and administration.  Two times during the school year--American Education Week in November and Teacher Appreciation Week in May, the PTSA organized food for the teachers' lounge every day. 


    • Monday--snack foods and sodas
    • Tuesday--finger foods and sweets
    • Wednesday--sandwiches from Subway and beverages
    • Thursday--snack foods and sodas
    • Friday--breakfast casseroles and sausage biscuits from Biscuitville


    The abundance and variety of foods were amazing!  We always had enough food to store in the refrigerator for the next week. 



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    Tammy Dewan Novice
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    From my experience being a teacher and knowing all the hard work and energy it requires and also, as a mother of 3 school aged kids, I do the following to celebrate/recognize teachers:

    • Speak highly of teachers whenever I get a chance. Even when others might get nitpicky about things going on in class I remain supportive and stand up for teachers. Not everyone understands how much work it is and how teachers are doing the best they can.
    • I volunteer in the classroom and jump right in to help. I know the importance of an extra body in the room and I go into the classroom with a lot of energy and ready to work hard to help the kids with their work, help the teacher with preparing and keep the kids safe and respectful.
    • Make small talk with the teacher. I let them know I am interested in how their family is doing and like to hear about where they went for vacation. Teachers can be isolated from other adults and talking to kids all day long so some adult conversation can keep us sane;)
    • Bring them chocolate! They need to keep up their energy and stay happy:)
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    Jane Brown Master
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    In the military we moved so much that this idea wasn't practical for us, but I do have a friend in Colorado who practiced appreciating his children's teachers in a very positive way each year and I like it so much I wanted to share it with you in this discussion.


    It began early in their son and daughter's school life as they invited their children's teachers to a sit down meal in the Spring at the end of the school year. It quickly evolved into a brunch as more teachers were added to the list each year. Yes, they invited every teacher who had ever taught their son and daughter to come to the house for a meal. Imagine what that was like by the time their daughter was graduating from high school.


    The teachers looked forward to the invitation and the growing gathering of colleagues. The parents were able to say "thank you" in a concrete way.  Their son and daughter knew that everyone who attended had their best interests at heart and that education was valued by their parents.

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    In my son's class we celebrated each day this week with a special note/gift for his teacher incorporating all of her favorite things.


    Monday-each student wrote a note saying why she is special.

    Tuesday- each student wrote a note about why she is beautiful and brought a flower that we collected in a vase.

    Wed- each student wrote why she is sweet and brought her favorite candy

    Thurs-each student wrote why she is Ore-Ida with them and brought in her favorite potato chips

    Fri-each student wrote why she deserves to relax and we gave her an iTunes gift card


    We also provided a lunch spread with a theme each day for the staff with different grade level parents bringing in the dishes.

    It was a great week!

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