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Can digital writing add value to traditional writing?

Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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With so many forms of digital writing becoming popular--texting, tweeting, notetaking on mobile devices, can this form of writing increase one's writing skills and enhance traditional writing?  As an English teacher, I often have taught students who had difficulty distinguishing between formal and informal writing styles.  They saw no need to write formally when they felt they could be understood in a conversational tone.


I recently read an article from Mind/Shift titled, "Can Texting Develop Other Writing Skills?"  Although the article focuses on texting, I wonder how much all forms of digital writing degrade or add value to traditional writing?




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    cmuller Novice
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    Hi Lynne Hoffman,


    I read the article you shared. I agree that texting (digital writing) does help improve traditional writing.  The more students write the more their writing improves.


    Christine Muller

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      abeanland New User
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      I agree.  I work with students with disabilities and they fight every reading and writing activity I assign.  However, if you allow them to text or email an assignment, they want to do it.  I have had parents express that at first they hated texting, but now they admit that it has improved their student's ability to read and write.  The students want to communicate this way and so they are wanting to learn to read and write proficiently at least in an informal way.  Now, maybe we can convince them that formal writing is just as important 

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