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What would you do with Unlimited Resources?

Mark Moore Novice
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As a WV Library Media expert, what would you do if you had unlimited resources?

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    Sandra Wiseman New User
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    If I had unlimited funds I would update my print collection and add eBooks plus some type of eReaders to my collection.  I would upgrade my circulation program to Follett's Destiny.  I would purchase a class set of iPads for student use with lots of wonderful apps.  I would also like to add a classroom set of digital cameras and add photo editing software to the iPads and the laptops we already have.


    The next thing I would do is set up a small broadcast studio space with a good video camera, good sound equipment, a "news desk,"a tripod on wheels, good lighting, and a green screen.  Then we would need fast computers loaded with good video and audio editing software.


    The last thing I would do is completely redecorate my space with colorful, kid friendly furniture -- I just love the chairs that are shaped like books.  I would like to make the story corner more inviting and add pieces that could be used as props (like wooden tree dividers) in kid produced videos.


    I could add more but these are the things that would top my wish list.

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    lahood New User
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    If I had unlimited resources, I would replace all my tables with computer lab tables.  On top of those tables would be new laptops (or ipads would be good) so that I could teach all the students in the front of the library with my intelliboard and all of them would have their laptops.  I would also buy enough e-readers for everyone in the school and would purchase thousands of e-books for them so that we wouldn't have to spend a lot of time downloading them from the DELI site. 


    I would also buy a newer intelliboard with more features.  I would like to have the money to purchase at least quality software instead of the free stuff like prof prezi, prof animoto or prof one true media etc. 


    Last, I would like a new facility given that we are celebrating our 100th anniversary this year!

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    martinls0030 New User
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    What would I do with unlimited resources?  Since you asked...


    The first thing I would do is expand the physical space.  I always said if I won the lottery I would build a second floor to my school.  The second floor would house the fourth and fifth grades and a HUGE library.  The library would include two computer labs and and a movie theater style multimedia room.


    The new library would have a large, welcoming reading area with comfy furniture.  The fiction area would include new copies of standards and students favorite series.  These would be augmented with ample number of ereaders and ebooks.  But the focus of the library would be the nonfiction area.


    I envision an area with many alcoves that could highlight certain areas on the nonfiction collection.  Each of the alcoves would contain a flat screen and wireless headsets.  The flat screens in each area would loop videos relevant to the Dewey subsection which accompanies it.  I would also like realia -- models of the solar system in the 520s, dinosaurs in the 560s, human body models and games in the 610s.  In the 700s we could feature prints of fine art, a make and take area for creating holiday crafts, The 780s could include a sound-proof both for experimenting with different instruments or Garage Band-type software.  And in the 790s?  A flat screen with chairs for kids to sit and watch sports commentary or instructional videos for improving your pitch.  In the 800s I would see an area to create and share poetry.  In the 900s we could have several areas that focus on American and World History.  (Of course, it would also include an ample Titanic display, hopefully with a 3D model kids could deconstruct.


    No informational book in the library would be older that five years (unless it had archival value).  We would have current online databases which include WorldBook Online, Grolier Multimedia, PebbleGo!, and my old favorite SIRS.   We would have ample room for classes to visit, including a story area.


    Unlimited resources would also include staff adequate to supervise this center.  I would need at least one paraprofessional to "run the library" while I was busy helping the kids in the many centers or delivering instruction in information literacy and ethics.  I would no doubt need to have even more parent and student volunteers than I presently do.

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