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Where do you see iPads having the most influence in the classroom?

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With more online graphing sites becoming free, I feel the tablet computer (ipad or other) will have a greater influence on the type of graphs we generate.

As of now, I have been reliant upon the TI 83/84 calculator for graphing purposes. And believe me, its a great device; however it does not suit all my graphing needs.


First and foremost, it is a pain to graph in more than one variable. The graphing program at desmos.com can graph in two variables, in polar and function forms; which makes graphing circles and ellipses easy. Desmos.com works with the ipad in that it does not use flash. It allows for parameter setting. I love it!


I also see the iPad influence data charts (pie, line, bar). We can generate spreadsheets to model budgets or cost. Graph them and learn to analyze.

I will be developing a lesson using the Numbers app to model a sample cost analysis on diapers. Its how I can integrate math into real life. The "essential" question for that lesson: How much will I spend in diapers a month, a year? We will also include rent, food and entertainement costs.

Fun times.


The video clip below is some of my students using the ipad to graph the pacman ghost. I gave them 3 to chose from. A basic pacman ghost which gives them a proficient grade, a hello kitty version of the pacman ghost which gives them an "approaching exemplary" grade and the boba fett pacman ghost which gives them an "exemplary" grade

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