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iPad Physics Sims

mmaloney New User
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Does anyone know of any good iPad simulations or interactives that have to do with high school Physics?  My school is getting some tablets, and I would like to make them as useful as possible, but have no idea what is on the vast Apple Market.

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    Jane Brown Master
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    Check out the iPad group in Thinkfinity Community.  There are currently 132 members in it with interests similar to your own.


    Jane Brown

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    thierrydel New User
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    May I suggest my programs. I am teaching General Physics for Veterinarians and I made a lot of little programs for PC, Mac and now I start on iPad.


    I have now 5 programs on Apple Store:


    velocity distribution in Gases (free January 7-8, 2012)


    Note the following apps are not free but cost a minimal $.99 per app. - Community Manger

    electromagnetic wave         

    electric field of a dipole          

    interference of waves             


    If you are interested, I would greatly appreciate to get a feedback.




    Thierry Delbar


    Note: We have a group specifically designed for self-promotion of member products.  Please go to Outside Promotions where any member may advertise his/her products. - Community Manager

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    lightsabove New User
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    Hello everyone, but especially my physics colleagues Mike and Fjodor:


    So far I've downloaded "sparkvue"... it's FREE and generates graphs from the ipad accelerometers, and email time series data.  Also I believe will wirelessly communicate with Pasco sensors. 



    Haven't tried yet, but free:



    Wave on a string:




    Also found the vernier video physics (Mike, I think you told me about this in the hall).  Captures video, can mark positions of objects frame by frame for analysis later. ($2.99)




    Have you guys found anything else useful?  I'd like to avoid too much duplication in our searching.



    From our colleague Andrew Duffy at BU ($1.99), Physics II that has physics content and simulations:


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      Jane Brown Master
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      Greatl resources for Physics teachers and their students, Rory!


      Many of our resources don't support this group of educators nor this subject. Mike, thank you for tagging your discussion appropriately as others will be very happy to find this discussion.

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      mmaloney New User
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      I have looked at the sparkVue one, you need a bluetooth connector to hook the probes up to, plus we only have Vernier so it will be a little limited but I would like to see how accurate the accel data is from it.


      I have also used Vernier Video Analysis, and it works pretty good.  Very easy to track and make graphs of videos, havent gotten into the analysis part yet though.


      Andrew gave me a free code for his apps (Physics I HD and Physics II HD) and I have looked at it.  It is still under development, only about 8-9 chapters are up which is why it is still cheap.  He plans on converting his textbook to iPad form eventually and each chapter will up the price, but once you buy it you get all the updates for free, so it might be worth purchasing now for the future.


      In terms of other Physics Apps, they are a little limited.  I found a few that simply solve problems for you.  There is a game called Gravity HD that is more of a physics puzzle solveing game.  There are also a bunch of Exploriments apps (http://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/ios-education/id6017?mt=8&letter=E&page=15#page) that look like they could be useful.  I think only the weight and mass one is free however, but they might be worth getting.


      That is about all I have found for free for Physics so far.  I did find a nice app to make little video lecture/type things.  It is called Educreations (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/educreations-interactive-whiteboard/id478617061?mt=8) and is a whiteboard that will record what you do with sound.  I would also suggest getting a stylus ($9 at microcenter) for writing.  I made a few little videos to use with momentum to try it out.  The only bad thing is there is no eraser but it does have an undo button.  You can make KhanAcademy type videos with it.  I might try making a bunch and having my students go through them first or use them as supplements.

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    steve3007 New User
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    Hi Mike,


    I may be well over a year too late here, but I am currently developing something that sounds exactly like what you're looking for under the name of "Tablet Science". It's a set of interactive 3D physics simulations designed to be as realistic and accurate as possible in imitating real life. The ultimate idea is that the user can be free to play and try out pretty much anything, confident that the simulation will do pretty much the same thing that would happen in the real world.


    I've started with Geometrical Optics and I think I'm about a month away from making a first release. So I'm aiming for somewhere near the beginning of May (2013). If you're interested in finding out more, I'm recording some of the development work here:


    Development Diary - tablet science


    and, if you like, I can contact you to let you know when it will be on the App Store.




    Steve Howell


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    kmsravindra New User
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    Hi, we have published quite a few apps on Physics simulations on iPad. You can search on Actual Concepts or physics simulations in iTunes Store. The apps listed are on developer name Ravindra Kompella from Actual concepts. You might be interested in them.


    RAvindra Kompella

    Founder - www.Actualconcepts.com

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