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Why do parents still buy 'My Baby Can Read' videos?

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Teachers out there please help me. My Baby Can Read has been discredited on National television by leading reading experts. The analysis of the program shares that you can do more good for your child by simply exposing a child to the world around them and possibly expose a child to more vocabulary.


Why in the world don't parents trust their abilities to teach their children what they know about the world around them?


Thoughts? The basic question:

Why don't parents share their joy of learning and exploration around them with their children without the assistance of a "program"?


How do you as Kindergarten teachers or other educators help empower parents with the right tools, suggestions, or other to make a positive continual difference in the lives of their children?



I am looking forward to your comments!



Erika Burton, PhD.



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    I found your questions really interesting, Erika! I have a lot of experience with homeschoolers over the years, so I have a unique view of parents as teachers.


    Many (most?) parents, especially those who don't read often, do not think of themselves as their children's first teachers. Many parents look to the experts - teachers - to do the "job" of teaching their children. To the extent that they want to help out with this job, they often look for programs that can show them what to do. It's not at all natural for most parents to think or believe that they already have enough knowledge to do wonderful things for their children.


    I think many parents take too narrow a view of their abilities and how they can transfer what they know about the world to their children. Also, I think many parents don't necessarily have the "joy of learning and exploration" that you assume they might have. In this economy, I think the everyday pressures have mired down any such joy in many homes.


    I like the enthusiasm behind your questions, though. With Wonderopolis, we're trying every day to help parents engage with their children in real and meaningful ways that can lead to the kind of experiences that will help children thrive in school and at home.




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