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Favorite Endangered Animal Resources

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I just finished a presentation this afternoon where I shared some of my favorite endangered animal resources that I found while on Thinkfinity.  I hope you will enjoy these and will share some of your favorites!


Think Endangered Animals (3-10-11)


How Does a Species Become Endangered?-Great video to introduce kids to the topic of endangered species and get them passionate about the fight to save them.



Lesson Plans:

Endangered Species 1: Why Are Species Endangered?- This lesson has a great worksheet Endangered Species Profile that could be used in multiple grades or at home to help organize facts about endangered animals. There’s also a second lesson (Endangered Species 2: Working to Save Endangered Species)


People and Endangered Species- I love the link to the Bagheera site where you can click on endangered animals and see the main cause for an animal’s endangered status.


If you Hear a Hoot, Then This Site is Kaput- Besides the catchy title, this is an awesome resource for teaching the 21st Century Skill of critical thinking.  Should a school be built even if an endangered animal might be affected?


Nowhere to Hide- This is a great interactive to show how development can affect the growth or endangerment of a species.


Endangered Animals Map- good quick pop quiz to see if kids know where endangered species natural homes are located.



Squirrel Hoarding- Children can learn more about the gray and red squirrels and the environmental impact the gray squirrel has had since it has moved out of the forest and into the suburbs.


Take Action:

Letters to Lions- Kids can write letters and draw pictures to help save the lions. Dereck and Beverly Joubert (Filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence) will take them to African leaders. Some of the letters and drawings will also be featured on the National Geographic Kids website.


Last Lions- Watch The Last Lions trailer on YouTube and National Geographic will contribute $.10 for each viewing until they hit one million views.


MyTube: Make a Video Public Service Announcement- Have kids use their knowledge on endangered animals and show their technical skills by creating a video PSA about endangered animals. Directions are included for how to use Window Media Maker (if editing is needed).



National Wildlife Week- National Wildlife Week is March 15 – 21st. This feature housed the Human Footprint Activity: Protecting Earth's Wildlife pdf document I shared. Great resource for kids to understand the impact we all have on the environment and all of the species.


Animals and Environments- This feature has lots of good links, lessons and activities from Thinkfinity’s Partners



Take a Virtual Field Trip- I love looking at the webcams (Sites with Webcams) from the San Diego Zoo and the Smithsonian/National Zoo.

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