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Interview Questions - what should you expect?

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Ever wonder what you should be thinking about before that big interview?  Here are a few interview questions I found that might help you begin to focus your thoughts.


Question 1 - What are your thoughts on team-teaching?

Question 2 - What are your greatest strength in the classroom?

Question 3 - What is your biggest weakness or concern in the classroom?

Question 4 - Let's imagine an interview for a grade one teaching position and the interviewer asks: "Describe your classroom's physical appearance.  Why would you set it up that way?"

Question 5 - Why do you want to work for our school district?

Question 6 - How do you handle classroom discipline?

Question 7 - What 3 characteristics are critical for a successful principal?

Question 8 - Do you have any questions for us?


source: Resumes for Teachers


Please share some of your favorite interview questions you've encountered.  How did you answer them?  How would you change your answer now?



  • Interview Questions - what should you expect?
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    Theresa, you have a good list started for teacher interviews.  I had the privilege of serving on an interview team for several years after I worked as a curriculum planner to start a new high school.  We were most interested in teacher responses to questions that required thinking about specific scenarios.


    For example--


    What is problem-based learning?  How would you use PBL in your classroom to teach a specific lesson?


    How would you handle a discipline situation such as one student bullying another student during a class period?


    What is your responsibility in the character development of your students (i.e. honesty, truthfulness, respect)?


    What is your experience with technology?  How would you incorporate the use of technology in your classroom to enhance instruction?


    How do you plan to handle the grading process of students?  What forms of grading will you use (i.e. rubrics, self-assessment, checklists, quizzes, tests, etc.)?


    What methods will you use to keep the parents of your students informed of their children's progress?  How would you handle an irate parent who does not believe his/her child has received an appropriate grade on an assignment?


    I look forward to seeing how this discussion develops as others share interview questions and experiences.


  • Interview Questions - what should you expect?
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    Great questions, Theresa.


    Question #3, "What is your biggest weakness or concern in the classroom?" is a tricky one. However, everyone should be prepared to answer it. Here is what I do. First, I start off with a positive. "I have very strong technical skills." Then, I say the negative. "However, I struggle with Spreadsheet programs such as Excel." Then, I say how I am working on it. "I know this is a weakness of mine, so I am taking an online course on visualizing data and statistic in order to improve my understanding." 


    I have found that it turns a negative question into a positive.



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