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Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?

christine Apprentice
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Thinkfinity has posted a collection of resources that teaches about math, statistics and risk using the Superbowl. You'll also find great resources for Health, Nutrition, and Exercise, as well as lessons that tie into sports and other subjects.


Score analysis is the obvious place to start (maybe the high-scoring Pro Bowl would be a good example to use!), but there's so much more — scavenger hunts for the game day, podcasts on sports rankings, and the economics of high sports salaries. Share your experience with any assignments you use!



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  • Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?
    Sam Morris New User
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    This is pretty cool.  I passed it along to some other teachers.   Thanks, Sam

    • Re: Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?
      Corbin New User
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      Hello Sam,

          Thank you for your message. But I am not sure what was "pretty cool."  But the mystery is a result of my inadequate explanation of what I was doing. Permit me to supply a few more details. I certainly hope that it will still be "cool."

          First, I am not a high Sshool teacher. For many years I taught mathematics in a small private liberal arts college. The NSF supported some summer institutes at the college for high school math teachers. I was fortunate to conduct some of the classes. I enjoyed the contact with the teachers very much, and I wanted to continue that helping for teachers even after retirement.

         So now I am writing an ebook that presents in a very intuitive way some branches concerns the high school level and some beyond. The ebook classification implies the material be available on some web site. I would like access to be free and available to anyone.

         The computer is not being used to turn pages of the ebook, but to allow the reader to skip around. Using links additional material is accessible throughout the main text. The idea is to accommodate readers of various backgrounds: he can omit material already familiar to him.or take a detour to get more explanation. Also there are links to exercises.and to computer programs* that help the reader to avoid extensive calculations.

          The material is divided into parts called volumes.

           Volume A:  Logical thinking and sets

           Volume B:  Numerical Systems

           Volume C: Groups and Functions

           Volume D:  Vectors, matrices* and linear geometry

           Volume E:  Elementary graph theory*

           Volume X:  Solved problems

           Volume Z:  Appendix

          My teaching teachers influenced my writing and choice of parts of mathematics to be included. However, I do not know the ebook is useful. I hope that some experienced teachers would give me evaluations and suggestions. There is much work to be done by me. But there is enough now that significant evaluations and suggestions may be made.  It requires much time to produce clear explanations than to present mathematics in a more formal and brief manner for this project. 

          I welcome any response from anyone concerning this matter. Thank you again..

         Richard B. Paine

    • Re: Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?
      Illuminations Novice
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      Thanks Sam!  We're happy you like the resources and thank you for passing them along!

  • Re: Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?
    Helencain New User
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    Have not used it in class, but if you have a plan, I would love to use it......

  • Re: Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?
    abeanland New User
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    I love using any topic that motivates students.  The Superbowl is a huge thing for our students.  I would love to use these ideas in my classroom. 

  • Re: Have you used the Super Bowl in your math assignments?
    munro New User
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    Any football game is great for working with positive and negative numbers. My students work in pair to try to describe a play as positive and negative. I find that a lot of the girls do better at it than the boys which leads to some interesting discussions with 7th graders.

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