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What's New?

You have to hear this to believe it! Wonderopolis has a new voice on the web.Bring up any Wonder of the Day (example) and look for the Listen (Speech enabled by ReadSpeaker) option to see the highlighted words as you hear the text read to you.




This innovative new solution helps learners better understand the written content by speech-enabling and highlight it at the same time. ReadSpeaker® is a solution (SaaS) that allows listening to highlighted online text by simply clicking on the listen icon.


ReadSpeaker is easy to implement, inexpensive to provide, and greatly appreciated by children when made available. ReadSpeaker is activated more than 1 million times each week by the K12 student. Nothing is recorded, it's read on the fly.


What are the benefits?

ReadSpeaker integration provides the following benefits:

  • Aid students needing help when interacting with online content (dyslexic, ESL, learning disabled, ADHD, etc.)
  • Creates a Dual Mode learning experience for all students, improves student performance
  • HTML5 Reader allows mobile connectivity for today's tech savvy students, i-phones can become a learning device!
  • Create a more interactive learning experience
  • Provides Downloading option of Courses Material in MP#


What do you think?

I mentioned the desirability of having children be able to hear the Wonder text. I say this only to remind you all that our Content Partners do listen to member suggestions.


What do you think of this feature?

Educators have requested Wonderopolis post a list of all of the Wonder of the Day video links, and on their wish list is to be able to view the videos in advance so they can plan the topics into their lessons.


It is here! WONDEROPOLIS Video links.xlsx and this document is located in the new Wonderopolis for Educators group.


Watch for weekly updates to the Wonderopolis Video links document.  You will be glad you did!