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Are You Celebrating Today?

mwedwards Posted by mwedwards in Wonderopolis for Educators on Jul 11, 2013 6:55:39 AM

Did you know today is World Population Day?


What does that mean? And why?


I found this on ScienceNetLinks:

world population day.JPG


What from that explanation jumps out at you?


For me, it is the rapid growth of population as well as the reasons for it ...


As I was trying to think about how to explain population, I did a search for population on Wonderopolis!


population search.JPG


According to Wonder #764,  the world’s population grows by approximately 80 million people each year.


Do you know how many people were in the US when the first US census was taken? Do you think that number has increased?


Which countries do you think have the highest population? Where does the US fal on that list?


Wonder #517 share even more information about the Census including what it is and why it is needed ...


When I read the explanation of World Population Day at the top of this post, another thing I noticed was that this day was designated by the United Nations.


Wonderopolis even has a wonder about the United Nations!


I have one more question ...


How are you going to celebrate World Population Day? :-)