Student-Created Study Videos

Posted by wpacker Jun 12, 2013

I did recently implement a strategy that I thought of while reflecting at the workshop we attended a month ago. To help my students study for their comps this week, I recorded video of top students solving problems likely to appear on the exam. I then placed the videos on youtube and as homework asked all students to write at least one comment on two of the videos asking any questions that they may have or thanking the scholar for making the video. We'll so how it goes (comps are tomorrow) but scholars seemed to really love it! See the attached picture!prince.png

While I found that a lot of the software and apps we learned about at the session are not super applicable for my student population because of access issues. I estimate that about 80% of my students have reliable access to high-speed internet at home and a computer to use to access it. Additionally, at our school we are not 1:1 computers to students. I can bring in a clunky class set of laptops for a day once in a while, but we do not have reliable access. Further, I don't think that any of the instructional/in-class technologies discussed were really ready for my math classroom. For example, Socrative doesn't allow for math text.


Instead, I'm planning on focusing on ways that just a couple iPads can be solutions in my classroom. One that I've already implemented is Doceri. An interactive whiteboard app that allows me (or any student) to write on the board from anywhere in the room on my iPad. This is great for circulating and classroom management.

Another I plan on implementing is a behavioral solution. I will have one scholar in the front who is the behavior or Dream Dollar (our tracking system) accountant, who will use either Kickboard or LiveSchool (whoever's newer version is better) to track the consequences that I give out. It will show other scholars it is fair and allow me to enter the data live instead of spending 10 minutes at the end of each day uploading into Kickboard. I also plan on DonorsChoosing a big flatscreen TV to put at one part of the classroom that will display the behavior dashboard so that scholars know where they stand.


However, I do dream of getting tablets for every child (with 3G access) and trying out some of the most innovating solutions out there.