Posted by missburns2 Feb 27, 2013

I love the presentation app Show Me that was introduced by AJ Juliani at our workshop earlier this month.  Today I started using Tellagami with my students, another type presentation app that they absolutely loved.  They retold stories through their avatar and shared them with the class.  Check out the video I posted on my blog ClassTechTips.com where I use this app to describe all of the applications for classroom learning.

Although every app we learned about has the potential to truly impact my classroom, I saw the most immediate benefit with using Show Me. My honors Physics Class is finishing up our unit on Electrostatics, a quick segment of the curriculum which many students have been struggling with. Instead of doing a whole class review for the Unit Exam, I decided to create several Show Me's so students who needed a referesher on the content could benefit while the more advanced students could move onto problem sets.


My students LOVED that they were able to go through the topics at their own pace. They had a number of helpful suggestions which I implemented in my next set of review videos.


In the future, I plan to use Show Me when modeling problems so that students can always refer back to the video. This will cut down on time I need to repeat myself.


Show Me loved by students!

Posted by lotsofhart Feb 25, 2013

A lot of my students have been struggling with the pace that I attempt to go at during class. Absences have also been a huge issue and with so many students missing class, I find myself struggling to find time to teach concepts students are missing. So I finally decided to sit down and make a series of Show Me videos to post on my class website. I made them each between 5-10 minutes and that concisely described each essential lesson of this unit. My students then used these videos in our review session in class and to watch at home to prepare for their test. The reviews have been very positive and they are begging that I continue to make these for future lessons. Can there be more  hours in the day? Overall, I love using Show Me and hope to use it for a flip classroom or for differentiation in the near future.

I am writing to update on how I have been implementing all of the knowledge I learned from the Verizon Education and Technology workshop last week. Just an hour after attending the workshop, I switched my lesson plans for the following day in order to incorporate a "Show Me" clip. I thought that this would be an innovative and new way to engage my students in a way that has not been accessed before. I went over a problem that was highly missed on a recent exam, and then had students complete practice problems right after. This enabled me to circulate the classroom and make sure students were tracking the board and jotting down notes instead of being stuck at the front of the classroom. The Show Me can be found here:




Are you having trouble meeting educators, inviting then into your development process, finding beta-testers for your teacher-focused technology innovation? This meetup group's purpose is to brainstorm how to overcome these challenges, and the main activity will be a series of a focus groups in which we'll invite teachers and technologists to provide feedback on new ideas and products developed by entrepreneurs that are designed to support educators engaged in e-learning.

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Posted by teachforsuccess Feb 14, 2013

It's not always easy to get hundreds of copies done in my school with limited supplies. This can also be quite a task when trying to get copies made at the last minute. So today, instead of printing my quiz for the week, I actually utilized Socrative after watching the demonstration last night and it worked like a charm in the classroom. I copied my quiz questions into Socrative and had my students do the quiz on their laptops. Not only was I able to get real time results, but it saved me from having to grade papers tonight...and that's priceless. 

There's many training sessions that you can sit through and walk away at the end without anything useful that could be utilized in the classroom. Last night's session was filled with insightful information and tools that will help me engage my class by making better use of the technology available to me and my students. It was well worth my time.

ICT TEACHING RESOURCES from TES bills itself as "5,822 Free ICT resources: ICT lesson plans, ICT worksheets, ICT revision, ICT teaching ideas and much more." Updated daily, the TES resource page is geared toward grades 6-12 covering over 40 topics including Design, Presentations, Web Publishing, Information Retrieval and Image Processing. For the primary school educator, there's also a subset of similar resources for grades K-5. TES, which started as a pullout to The Times in 1910 (Times Educational Supplement), is also the sister site to ShareMyLesson, maintained by the American Federation of Teachers.


Monica Burns is a NYC educator with a passion for using technology with her students.  Check out her website ClassTechTips.com for technology lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Standards and more ways to become a tech-savvy teacher!

If you’re looking for a good resource for documentaries, SnagFilms is a fantastic app.  Completely free, with no requirement to sign up, SnagFilms offers a great variety of award winning documentaries.  Whether you’re looking to extend a lesson, kick off a unit or just learn more about a topic before teaching, you’ll want to check out this fantastic free app!


Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

Monica Burns is a NYC educator with a passion for using technology with her students.  Check out her website ClassTechTips.com for technology lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Standards and more ways to become a tech-savvy teacher!


If you are looking for a new formative assessment tool check out Understoodit. Whether your students are on iPads or have access to the web from desktops, Understoodit is a fantastic free assessment tool that is perfect for collecting data when presenting new information to students.  As you speak, students press one of two buttons on a website unique to your class: “Confused” or “Understood” You’ll receive real-time data on how well your class understands your presentation.




At first I was hesitant to try Understooit with my fifth graders, since it seemed so perfect for university professors and high school teachers, but it worked great with my group.  I don’t normally teach by lecture so I had students first try it out while watching a BrainPop video.  This way it was easy for me to know when to pause and initiate a discussion when they were confused.  I’m gathering formative data and can alter my instruction by the minute!