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I am excited about this year's TIE Conference!  We have 1300 people registered thus far and more coming in each day! We have so much to offer and we always are trying new ways to share the information with you. This year we are using Symbaloo as our gateway into all the activity of the conference. I think you will love it. We have 25 indepths and 100 breakout sessions and 80 vendors to share the latest and greatest!

Our Keynote speakers:

Blended Learning: One Teacher’s Journey Weaving Together Technology & Tradition - by Catlin Tucker

Telling the Story: Lessons Learned from the Outside World - by Kathy Schrock


If you haven't registered yet, you still have time  - Join us at TIE Conference 2014 in Sioux Falls, SD April 13-15! Can't wait to see you all there!

Don't miss the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the South Dakota Blueprint for Learning and how to use the myOER.org to find the best lessons to meet the CCSS.

We have 2 indepth sessions - one for K-5 teachers and the other for 6-12 teachers that provide the following:

Description: Knowing the when, where, what and how of integrating the Common Core State Standards into your ELA or Math curriculum can be a daunting task. The South Dakota Blueprint for Learning helps guide school districts in this process. The blueprint and corresponding free resources from myOER provide the starting points for curriculum alignment to the CCSS. You will leave with a library of resources to use tomorrow in your classroom.

Outline: Explore myOER Visit SD Blueprint for Learning Discuss Blueprint applications Connect Blueprint to classroom instruction Build a library of online Common Core resources to use in your classroom tomorrow

You have only one more week to register for the TIE conference on April 13-15 and join us at one of these great indepths - TIE Conference- Indepths.

Please join us by going to TIE Conference and registering for the conference - TIE Conference - Register Online . To select one of these indepths just look for Blueprints and select the title for your grade level.

Thanks to Brenda LaBau and Shelly Mikkelson from South Park Elementary, Belle Fourche for this excellent article sharing an amazing resource created and curated by South Dakota teachers for ALL.

The Common Core Made Easy with myOER article in Online Zebra   at South Dakota Department of Education outlines how and why the myOER site was developed and how to use it to support the teaching and learning of the Common Core Standards.

Thanks so much ladies.

Strengthen your scientific content knowledge and improve your ability to connect your teaching to the cutting- edge science underway at the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Two weeklong workshops, designed for educators in grades 5-12, will explore the sciences (life, earth/space and physical), engineering and mathematics from a unique perspective. Connections will be made to science and engineering practices, as well as standards for mathematical practice.


Participants will learn about planned and ongoing research at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, participate in hands-on activities and take part in surface tours related to the content. In addition, we will utilize an HD Videoconferencing system to visit with scientists working at the 4850 Level.

June 23-27 Grades 5-8

July 21-25 Grades 8-12

Additional information in the attached flyers.

Apply using the link - https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=-Y8L9vKS7kWmz6Q-jkdlXw

If applying as a team, be aware that online registration will ask for information about both you and your teammate.


Please check out the information on the Thinkfinity homepage about James Hall and his middle school science class. It is always good to connect with others around the globe who are willing to share what they are doing with their students.

Featuring: James Hall

He may be a great one for the science teachers to may want to friend and share ideas.

It is now time to register for the TIE Conference!

April 13-15 isn't far away and we are excited to have you all join us!


The indepths planned for Sunday are varied and we hope will peak the interest of all educators and administrators.

Our Keynotes include:

Catlin Tucker

Catlin TuckerCatlin Tucker is a Google Certified Teacher and CUE Lead Learner. She teaches 9th and 10th grade English language arts at Windsor High School in Sonoma County, where she was named Teacher of the Year in 2010. She has also taught online college level writing courses, which led to her interest in blended learning.

Corwin published her first book Blended Learning for Grades 4-12: Leveraging the Power of Technology to Create Student-Centered Classrooms in June 2012. She is currently working on her second book Using Web 2.0 Technology to Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards and writing a blended learning course for ASCD.

Catlin is an experienced professional development facilitator and trainer, education consultant, curriculum designer and frequent Edtech speaker. Catlin earned her BA in English from UCLA and her English credential and Masters in Education from UCSB. She writes an internationally ranked education technology blog at CatlinTucker.com and is active on Twitter @CTuckerEnglish.


Kathy Schrock

Kathy SchrockKathy Schrock has been a school district Director of Technology, an instructional technology specialist, a middle school, academic, museum, and public library librarian, and is currently an online adjunct graduate-level professor at two universities and an independent educational technologist.

Kathy has been involved with technology to support teaching and learning since the early 1990's, and is an Adobe Education Leader, a Google Certified Teacher, a Sony Education Ambassador, and a Discovery Education STAR and a DEN Guru. In 1995, she created her award-winning site, Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, to help teachers easily wade through the many resources on the Web. In 1999, Kathy partnered with Discovery Education and she maintained the site until late 2012 when the site was retired.

In addition to teaching online, Kathy writes, speaks, blogs, tweets, and conducts professional development workshops, presentations, and keynotesnationally and internationally. She is known for her practical presentations dealing with pedagogically sound practices for the embedding of technology seamlessly into teaching and learning. Her passions are online tools to support classroom instruction, the role of emerging technologies in the classroom, infographics, tablets in the classroom, copyright and intellectual property, and gadgets of any type! You can find her on Twitter (@kathyschrock)Skype (kathyschrock), Google+, and on many other social networks!

And, don't miss our second annual:

TIE Tech Slam

TIE Tech Slam


Sit down and hang on for this second-annual action-packed event as several TIE staff members are given a short amount of time to share their best resources for using technology in and out of today's classrooms.

It's what you need to know, just when you need it--right now!

We'll wrap it up with several prize drawings, too. Must be present to win!

Spotlighting Stephanie Steward,  Middle School Math Teacher
Piedmont Middle School, Piedmont, Alabama

"I want to be that teacher who pushes them beyond their best
and encourages them to exceed their own expectations."


Check out this featured teacher in  the Thinkfinity Community!

1:1 Macbook clasroom for 4 years

A team of her students took first at state in the Verizon App Challenge

Students produce How to Videos

Great Links you will want to check out!


Congratulations to Stephanie Steward - Featured Thinkfinity Member!


Invite other South Dakota teachers to join the Thinkfinity Community and join the SD Thinkfinity Group!

Share Ideas, Learn new ones, and be a part of the largest educator community on the web!

Click on the title of each event for complete information and to register.

Online workshops require high speed internet.

(click to sort)
Workshop Type
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Assessment in 21st Century ClassroomsOnline Workshop
Jan 21 thru Mar 4
Google Apps Class Sites - Self PacedSelf Paced/Ongoing Workshop
Feb 03 thru Dec 31
Inquiry in the Science Classroom
(No longer accepting registrations. Information provided for participants.)
Online Workshop
Jan 09 thru Feb 20
Introduction to iPads - Self Paced WorkshopSelf Paced/Ongoing Workshop
Feb 03 thru Dec 31
Prezi In The Classroom - Self PacedSelf Paced/Ongoing Workshop
Feb 03 thru Dec 31
Tech Tuesday - OCETI SAKOWIN StandardsWebinar
Mar 4
Tech Tuesday - Say Cheese! Free Fun With Digital PhotosWebinar
Feb 4
Tech Tuesday - Symbaloo - Your Personal Internet DesktopWebinar
Jan 7
Web Literacy 2: Using Technology to Become Better Educators - Self PacedSelf Paced/Ongoing Workshop
Feb 03 thru Dec 31
Web Literacy for Educators - Self PacedSelf Paced/Ongoing Workshop
Feb 03 thru Dec 31


Don't see what you want? Send us an email to request other topics. We will even come to you and conduct customized trainings at your district.




Proposals will be accepted November 1, 2013 - January 8, 2014


The TIE Conference has gained a reputation of having the best classroom teachers, network administrators and educational administrators share their strategies, methods and best practices with their fellow educators at the largest education technology conference in South Dakota. Over the past 27 years, TIE has evolved from being the forerunner in sharing technology innovations with educators to the current needs of technology integration, curriculum mandates, improved student achievement and effective assessment and evaluation.

Contact Megan with questions at mmerscheim@tie.net or 605-721-4488.

Submit your proposal

Live Webinar: Achieving the C3: An Exploration into 21st Century Social Studies
with Dr. Kathy Swan


Save this date:

December 17, 2013 at 4pm ET

Participants may sign in to this live webinar at 4pm ET by clicking on this direct link:

Please join us!!!


Achieving the C3: An Exploration into 21st Century Social Studies

Dr. Swan speaks about the creation and architecture of the C3 (College, Career, and Civic Life) Framework and its potential impact on the changing landscape of nationwide social studies education. Developed under the auspices of the National Council for Social Studies, the C3 Framework aims to help educators and policymakers tailor the development of learning benchmarks and methods towards preparing students for college-level work and the demands of the professional world.


Dr. Swan will discuss how the Framework was built and her team's hopes for using the framework to influence and guide the creation of state standards, the development of instructional and curricular exemplars, and the formation of professional learning communities.


The C3 Framework was released this fall.


About the Speaker

KathySwan.jpgKathy Swan is an associate professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Kentucky. Her research focuses on standards-based technology integration, authentic intellectual work, and documentary-making in the social studies classroom. Swan has been a four-time recipient of the National Technology Leadership Award in Social Studies Education, innovating with web-based interactive technology curricula including the Historical Scene Investigation Project, the Digital Directors Guild, and Digital Docs in a Box.


Her co-authored book And Action! Doing Documentaries in the Social Studies Classroom and children's series Thinking Like a Citizen are due to appear fall 2013.


She is also the advisor for the Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Assessment Collaborative (SSACI) at the Chief Council of State School Officers (CCSSO) and was the project Director/Lead Writer of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Most recently, she has been awarded the Senior Goldman Sachs Fellow at the Smithsonian American History Museum and working with the educational team to integrate the C3 Framework into their existing resources.

Thinkfinity's Mobile Learning group has something for everyone, whether you are a teacher, an administrator, or a parent. You can share apps, best practices, and ideas for integrating mobile devices into the curriculum.

  • Denise Tuck offers you guidance on locating various Partner Developed Mobile Apps and tells how they put standards-aligned activities in the palm of your hand as you use tablets or smartphones with your students.
  • Visit with Kevin Anderle, 6th grade Science Teacher and our Spotlighted Member of the Month.
  • Don't miss our Mobile Learning Webinars and the over 40 different webinars to support your use of mobile technology.
  • Join Trending Conversations in the Thinkfinity Community.
  • Increase your learning network by joining our Featured Groups of the month to share ideas with colleagues and our Content Partner experts.
  • Experience new Classroom Materials developed by our Content Partners.
  • Read Education News and Insights blogs to explore current topics and new ideas.
  • Enjoy Sneak Peeks and know what is coming.


Engage in the Holiday Challenge and share an activity you use with students at this time of year.  Selected activities will be highlighted within our Community.

Yes, by popular demand, Verizon Foundation and staff have created a Thinkfinity Newsletter for your use...it is designed to point you to interest ideas and make good use of your limited time.

If you did not receive your copy by email, you can subscribe to the Newsletter on the Thinkfinity homepage, at the top of the right column, or locate the archived copies listed on the Thinkfinity Newsletters Index.  This index also is located in the Community Hub at the top of the page.

I am attaching the November Newsletter focused on Mobile Learning. You won't want to miss out on all the great information.

Good morning South Dakota Educators,


We all would love to attend webinars, face to face learning or take online courses. But because we are so busy in our work and personal lives, we don't always get to the specific webinar that would be most beneficial to helping with change in the classroom.


Verizon Thinkfinity has provided many webinars on subjects such as mobile technology, mobile learning, pedagogical shifts with the Common Core, and much more. All of these webinars have been recorded. Please visit the link below to view any webinar that may be beneficial to you.


Webinar Index

Thinkfinity has created a document providing educators with excellent lessons and activities to use to help students understand the importance and meaning of Veteran's Day.

Visit Thinkfinity and find this document full of resources - http://www.thinkfinity.org/docs/DOC-9457.

Good Morning all,


We are trying to get the word out about all the SD DOE Common Core Courses that you may register for free of charge at DOE link - Browse Courses. If you missed one of the modules in this past year, there are locations set up across the state for you to get caught up. Some of the courses coming up in the near future are:


  • Common Core: K-12 Module 2 &3 Sioux Falls - 11/19/13 and Aberdeen 12/3/13
  • Common Core: Modules 5/6 for ELA and Math - both elementary and secondary - there are 14 locations and dates for these events
  • Common Core: Literacy in History/Social Studies, Art, Music, World Language - many locations and dates
  • Common Core: Literacy in Science & Technical Subjects - many locations and dates


The best method to locate the course you would like to take is to use the Search box at the top of list of courses - keywords you might use include - Common Core, Module 2, Module 5, Literacy. Any of these words will bring up a list of courses and location for you to add to your cart.


I am attaching instructions to register to use the site and then to sign up for the courses.

Please pass this information on to other educators in the state. Don't miss the opportunity to build your capacity with the Common Core.


Marcia Torgrude


Education Specialist

Shine On @ TIE Conference 2013!

Don't miss out on the best of the best for education!

  • 30 indepths
  • Over 100 breakouts
  • and our featured speakers:



Julie MathiesenDr. Julie Mathiesen, TIE Director


As the current director of Technology and Innovation Education, Julie is recognized as both a regional and national thought leader in the arena of transformative technologies. Her presentations incorporate current and emerging examples of technology which make the vision of customized teaching and learning feasible and reachable. Mathiesen began her educational career as a high school science and art teacher. In 2003, Mathiesen was awarded a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship. She applied this fellowship to studies at Pepperdine University in the Educational Technology doctoral program and later received her Ed.D from this institution. As the chief learner at TIE, she embraces the potential of technology readily and models effective applications for her colleagues continually.

Julie MathiesenAdam Bellow, edutecher.net


Adam Bellow, Founder and President of eduTecher and eduClipper began his career in education as an Assistant English Teacher at a High School for students with learning disabilities in New York City. After earning a Masters Degree in both General and Special Education at Hunter College, where he taught a graduate level course on integrating technology into the special education classroom, Adam became an English teacher at a High School on Long Island for several years. Then his two passions collided - Technology and Education - as he became a Technology Training Specialist for a school district on Long Island. Adam works with educational leaders, teachers, and students from around the United States to help them infuse technology successfully in the classroom. Adam was recognized in 2011 as the Outstanding Young Educator of the Year by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and in 2010 as an Emerging Leader as well as a finalist for the 2010 Totally Wired Teacher of Year award. Adam is happily married and the father of two wonderful boys.

Julie MathiesenRichard Byrne, freetech4teachers.com


Richard Byrne is best known in the educational technology community for his award-winning blog Free Technology for Teachers, which reaches a subscriber base of more than 53,000 educators per day. Richard also writes a monthly column forSchool Library Journal, is a contributing author to What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media, has written for Teacher Librarian, and recently launched iPadapps4school.com. Richard is a Google Certified Teacher, and his work is focused on sharing free web-based resources that educators can use to enhance their students’ learning experiences. Richard lives in Greenwood, Maine with his loyal dogs Max and Morrison.

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