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National Chemistry Week 2013

SIngraffea Posted by SIngraffea in All About Science on Oct 15, 2013 11:01:37 AM

chemistryweek_225.jpgEnergy issues are big news these days so take advantage of National Chemistry Week's "Energy Now and Forever!" theme to start a conversation in your classroom. During October 20-26, talk about the science behind different energy sources including fossil fuels, electricity, biomass, nuclear, solar, geothermal, and wind.

We have several collections related to chemistry, energy, and technology: National Chemistry Week, The Science of Energy, The Atom and Nuclear Science, and Energy in a High-Tech World. Have your students think about the pros and cons of various energy sources, watch a video about the process of oil refining, and build their own battery. For more, check out Thinkfinity's collection on Energy and Energy Management.

National Chemistry Week also highlights the ways chemistry impacts our everyday lives. Have you ever noticed some dishes dry faster than others, thought about how dryer sheets work, or wondered why your pizza doesn't taste the same when it is reheated? Chemistry!


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