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International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

SIngraffea Posted by SIngraffea in All About Science on Sep 30, 2011 12:14:46 PM

Do you know about the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge? Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation co-sponsor this annual competition promoting "cutting-edge efforts to visualize scientific data, principles, and ideas."  The challenge spotlights ways people have translated scientific information into formats that can be better understood by broader audiences, especially students and the general public.  Entries are submitted in five categories: photography, illustrations, informational posters and graphics, interactive games and videos.


View the 2010 slideshow and get more information about the most recent winners and honorable mentions, including the following:


  • The video TrashTrack (slide #11) follows 3000 peices of garbage from homes in Seattle for two months to see where they end up. 
  • The animation Visualization of the Whole Brain Catalog (slide # 15) provides a journey through the brain of a mouse.
  • The illustration Human Immunodeficiency Virus 3D (slide #2) details a 100-nanometer HIV particle.
  • The photograph Trichomes (Hairs) on the Seed of the Common Tomato (slide #9) reveals  the view from a polarizing microscope.


You can also view winners from previous years.  The Epigenetics of Identical Twins video (slide #7) from 2009, explains why identical twins develop physical differences as they age.  Also from that year, Follow the Money: Human Mobility and Effective Communities (slide #8) tracks dollar bills as they move around the country.  The 2008 video Smarter Than the Worm (slide #17) explores how computer software fights off viruses using animated pests.


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