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Mental Health Awareness Month

SIngraffea Posted by SIngraffea in All About Science on May 10, 2011 12:14:00 PM

Mental Health Awareness Month was established in 1949 to raise awareness of mental health conditions and mental wellness for all. We hope these resources will help you explore this important and often stigmatized issue with your class.


In our Mental Health series of lessons, students will get an introduction and historical overview of the study of human behavior (Mental Health 1: Human Behavior), take a look inside Bedlam, the world’s first mental health asylum (Mental Health 2: Bedlam), and examine how mental illness has been portrayed in the arts (Mental Health 3: Mental Health Through Literature). In the lesson Genes, Environments, and Behavior 1, students examine behavioral genetics, the study of reciprocating influences of genes and environments on behavior. The series, The Laughing Brain 1: How We Laugh and The Laughing Brain 2: A Good Laugh, looks at various theories about laughter, laughter’s effects on our mental health, and the benefits of laughter to our immune system.


Your class can also listen to these related Science Update podcasts: Katrina Mental Health, Adapative Happiness, and Emotion Perception.


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