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Read along to book:- Through My Eyes


The program will be supplemented with individual read along to Thank You, Ruby Bridges | Scholastic.com   And, multiple choice questions via SmartNotebook.


The Ruby Bridges autobiography references Steinbeck's attention to the case - chronicled in his book Travels with Charley - some of the accounts provided by Steinbeck have been disputed.  Nonetheless, his travelogue provides another perspective to the time:




Great link to Ruby Bridges meeting with President Obama:
Ruby Bridges Foundation



Posted by lmcshane Oct 1, 2013


Please see

Octavofest: A Celebration of the Book and Paper Arts for great opportunities to educate outside the classroom!

Cleveland Metropolitan School District - the new website for the District promises better interaction.  Textbooks continue to be a drop-off.



Houghton Mifflin Math - Math


Trophies Main Menu -Language Arts



New Enhanced Ebook -We the People

State Program -History of Ohio


Brooklyn Centre Resources

Posted by lmcshane Aug 16, 2013

Brooklyn Centre neighborhood of Cleveland is prime location to apply concept of micro-grid energy system for public safety and emergency response needs:

*Denotes free wifi

++Denotes meeting room or auditorium w/public use availability


Metrohealth Cleveland http://www.metrohealth.org/ ++

Centers for Family and Children -formerly WSEM -administers Brookside Center Food Pantry


Art House - http://www.arthouseinc.org/

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - headquarters and Brookside Reservation http://www.clevelandmetroparks.com/Main/Home.aspx ++
Cleveland Metropolitan School District - Denison School

Horizon Denison Science Academy



Cleveland Safety-

Second District
3481 Fulton Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
Community Services: 623.5220

Keith Sulzer



Fire Station #20 ++

Fire Station #20
3765 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109



Open Space-Recreation

Calgary Park

Riverside Cemetery

Brookside Park
WC Reed Field


Food and Retail


*IHOP-24 hrs




Pearl-Denison Crossroads



CVS Pharmacy
China One

Happy's Pizza



Churches and Faith Communities

Archwood United Church of Christ -http://archwooducc.org/ 2800 Archwood Ave. ++

Bethlehem Temple of Praise- http://www.btopchurch.com/ former Brooklyn Methodist Memorial -2607 Archwood Ave.

Family Ministry Community Center- http://outreachconnections.org/contact/ 3389 Fulton Rd.++

Good News Ministries- 3705 West 36th ++

Grace Church - http://graceoldbrooklyn.org/ 2503 Broadview ++

Iglesia Emmanual - http://emmanuelauip.org/  3525 West 25th St.++

Spanish Pentecostal - former Third Church of Christ - managed by Kotecki Monuments 3648 West 25th Street ++

St. Barbara's Catholic Church -http://www.parishesonline.com/Scripts/HostedSites/Org.asp?ID=15398 -1505 Denison++



Cleveland Public Library -

*Brooklyn Branch-3706 Pearl Rd.

*South Brooklyn Branch-

*Fulton Branch- 3545 Fulton Rd.


Make a Machine

Posted by lmcshane Jun 21, 2013

The Summer Reading Club theme for Cleveland Public Library

this year is Make it a Great Summer!


Every week we feature a make-it project:

This week the kids used balloons, straws, string, rubber bands, spools, skewers, and tape to construct mini-balloon driven rocket cars.


(note- we used pre-drilled wooden spools from craft store to avoid having to use hammer and nail)


We also had ballon races by taping straws to the balloons and running the ballons along two strings stretched across the room.



Book resources:
First Science Encyclopedia DK Publishing

Simple Machines: Wheels and Cranks by David Glover

Machines Inside Machines: Using Levers by Wendy Sadler


Simple Machines are a great launch for other programs. 

Discovery Education allows you to create your own Make a Word Search. We used the word search this week for a prize-giveaway:


Other word finders sites :


See stories about the Cleveland Public Library here:


The Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland.com: 25 great free things to do in Cleveland: museums, movies, theater, concerts, Indians tickets, sushi and more –


Summer Reading Club

Freshwater: cpl to make it a great summer for cleveland's young readers – http://freshwatercleveland.com/forgood/readingclub062013.aspx


Cleveland Jewish News: Superman flies into Cleveland Public Library for summer exhibit – http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/article_8485897a-d8ee-11e2-aa20-001a4bcf887a.html

The Reading Nest

Contempist: The Reading Nest by Mark Reigelman – http://www.contemporist.com/2013/06/19/the-reading-nest-by-mark-reigelman/

Inhabitat: Mark Reigelman’s Reading Nest – http://inhabitat.com/mark-reigelmans-reading-nest-in-cleveland-is-built-from-10000-discarded-wood-boards/reading-nest-mark-reigelman-2/?extend=1

Design Boom: mark reigelman builds reading nest from 10,000 palette boards – http://www.designboom.com/art/mark-reigelman-builds-reading-nest-from-10000-palette-boards/

Colossal: The Reading Nest: A New Installation by Mark Reigelman Using 10,000 Reclaimed Boards – http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/06/the-reading-nest-a-new-installation-by-mark-reigelman-using-10000-reclaimed-boards/


CoolCleveland.com: Need Some Poetry4Free? – http://www.coolcleveland.com/blog/2013/06/need-some-poetry4free/

There are some controversial titles on this summer's list from the Plain Dealer's Book Editor Joanna Connors, including Tampa by Alissay Nutting - you can order the books through the Cleveland Public Library here.


Treasure Hunt Story Time

Posted by lmcshane Mar 19, 2013

Reading Cozy Classics  Moby **** and The Mellops Go Diving for Treasure -




For the presentation it helps to have props- I happened to have a model ship and a birding scope to show the kids.
Anything nautical helps I wore a sailor shirt.


Craft activity includes making a treasure chest and putting in our treasure map found at:



See craft treasurechest(pdf):
Requires brown construction paper, markers, glue stick and tabs made from yellow scrap paper.  The taps can be
made to slip into the two pieces next to the lock--craft provided by Cathy Hankins chankins@cpl.org


See treasurechest2 (pdf) for the finished product - for this class the take-away lesson was actually folding the maps
to put into their treasure chest.  It was too difficult to keep their attention on additional straps, so we opted for the
simpler treasure chest.  The kids also were given stickers to put into their treasure chest.  The daycare providers
are able to improvise with this theme - kids love pirates and they sang "A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea."


Have fun!


Quilting : Sharing stories

Posted by lmcshane Feb 19, 2013

We have a daycare visiting and second grade class - and will talk about the various signs and symbols found in quilting.

Also, we have an afterschool program to focus on quilting as it relates to African-American history.




















Made my own coloring sheet attached below by tracing pattern from website above-but would welcome suggested sites for good coloring sheets.

On Thursday, February 28th from 3:00-5:00 PM we invite you to a workshop by the author/professor Dr. Candy Dawson Boyd who will be presenting a unique look at Common Core Standards in urban environment at Ideastream.


Ideastream is located at 1375 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44114.  There will be free parking available. A parking pass will be issued for those who park in the Playhouse Square Parking garage located on 15th and Chester Avenue. After you park, take the elevator to the 1st floor and use the Dodge Court exit and you will see the Idea Center building across the street. (“All CMSD attendees will be issued a Certificate of Attendance for 2 clock hours that can be used towards your voluntary professional development.”)  Please see enclosed for a bio on the author.


Please RSVP via email (aculturalexchange(at)sbcglobal.net) or phone A Cultural Exchange at (216) 229-8300.


Thank you.

Deborah E. McHamm

President and Chief Executive Officer

A Cultural Exchange




Related sites:







Life Cycle Program

Posted by lmcshane Feb 6, 2013

Featuring life cycle of a frog-


Other resources:





Finish with interactive using SmartBoard-Cleveland Public Library Brooklyn Branch has a Smartboard for educators to use on class visits- and

with student library cards - kids can go back to school and test themselves on books available through BookFlix and National Geographic databases:





Cleveland Public Library also features YREAD kit (multiple copy sets available to educators) to read-along with the Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent:



The deadline to submit an essay for 11-12th grades is February 12, 2013


See the essay contest rules here:

For the award-winning essay in 2012 click here:

Cleveland Public Library kicks off a month-long celebration of educators and education for African-American History Month.


Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Louis Stokes Wing Main Library--A free screening of World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, followed by an interactive discussion with the filmmaker and John Hunter, the inspiring teacher featured in the film.


See the attached pdf for all events scheduled:

Including a presentation by Dr. Howard Fuller on Tuesday, February 5th 6:30 p.m. and a performance by the Youth Renaissance Choir on Saturday, February 9 2:00 p.m. and more!


Dav Pilkey and Superheroes

Posted by lmcshane Jan 23, 2013

Dav Pilkey--aka Sue Denim aka Captain Underpants--grew up in Ohio - and was misunderstood and mischevious:

Second grade class visit - Students  will learn about Dav Pilkey's own struggles with
school and how he was able to fantasize and create his superhero Captain Underpants.

Featured books:




The Paperboy by Dav Pilkey is available in multiple copy for class visits - see YREAD :http://www.cpl.org/Kids/TeacherResources.aspx

Craft:  Create their own comic strip book mark- embellish with cartoon strip found at http://www.pilkey.com/pdf/dav-pilkey-bio.pdf


Penguin Story Time

Posted by lmcshane Jan 8, 2013

Please see attached pdf for craft idea to supplement story time on penguins---craft supplied by

Catherine Hankins chankins@cpl.org


  • Pre-cut out the black pieces with black construction paper.
  • The white shape outlined in the pdf is pre-cut out of white paper.
  • Also- pre-cut orange feet and beaks.
  • Classes will assemble all five pieces to make their own penguin.
  • Encourage kids to draw on their eyes or use paste-on "googly" eyes



Suggested books-younger:





Suggested books--older:






Penguin Poems:




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