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6 Hidden Tricks for BYOD Success

Marcia Torgrude Posted by Marcia Torgrude in Mobile Learning on Jan 27, 2014 10:33:17 PM

By now, most districts considering the implementation of BYOD know there’s a lot more to success than apps and devices. But how can districts accurately measure how much bandwidth is needed? How do you ensure the quality of student work outside of simply using an app? And can you truly ensure equity? According to one school district, there are hidden gems of BYOD implementation wisdom…and they’re ready to share what they’ve uncovered.

Meris Stansbury, associate editor of eSchool News, is sharing what Dr. Tim Clark, author of the BYOD Network Blog and coordinator of instructional technology at Forsyth County Schools, Ga. has learned through their BYOD implementation. Dr. Clark places BYOD implementation in the ‘instructional initiative’ category and has shared the Forsyth County Schools BYOD successes.

Is there something within 6 Hidden Tricks for BYOD Success that you may find surprising and beneficial as you implement BYOD in your district?