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Try Some Seasonal Writing

tengrrl Posted by tengrrl in Reading & Language Arts on Jul 4, 2011 2:08:58 AM

KidsHere’s a scenario that may sound familiar if you celebrated Independence Day or Canada Day recently:

You’re relaxing in an easy chair with the fan blowing in your face and   an iced drink by your side. The aroma from a nearby barbecue makes your mouth water. In the distance, you hear children splashing in the water and squealing with delight.

That’s just one of the Creative Writing Prompts Inspired by the Seasons from Writing Forward. With some slight revision to make them grade appropriate, the prompts could be used throughout the school year, whether students are writing about recent events or memories from the past. It’s a link I’ll definitely add to my bookmarks. While you checking out activities for the next school year, be sure to look at the calendar entries, lesson plans, and classroom activities below for  more ideas. Have a great week!


New Resources

From the Calendar 

  • July 4: It's Independence Day! Or is it? Students consider why there are so many different dates associated with the Declaration of Independence and why the nation's birthday is celebrated on July 4. (For grades 3–12). Find  more activities on the Thinkfinity site.

  • July 5: Annual fence-painting contests take place in Hannibal, Missouri. A scene from one of Twain's works is chosen and students map the story setting using the Story Map. Setting is then discussed as a class. (For grades 3–8)

  • July 7: Write letters that make things happen! In a small group or as individuals, students write letters related to a unit of study or particular topic they have studied. (For grades 1–12)

  • July 9: Nancy Farmer, three-time Newbery honoree, was born in 1941. Students   write original short stories in the science fiction genre based on some of Farmer's works and society's most hotly-debated issues, such as cloning, toxic waste, and brain implants. (For grades 3–8)

  • Look ahead to next week for lesson plans and activities on the Scopes Monkey Trial and the birthdays of authors Patricia Polacco, E. B. White, Henry David Thoreau, Laura Numeroff, and Ida B. Wells.

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—Traci Gardner


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