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Indian School level education is embraced worldwide. Indian school students in general can effortlessly outperform and surpass their foreign counterparts (nearly all countries worldwide) in any subject especially in Math and Science. India is amongst the top three fastest growing economies in the world and the talented work force it is creating is burgeoning. Can such a powerful country with probably the best talented personnel, boast of its ‘systems’ yet?

A couple of months back my wife seriously started pouring in questions about which school my twin babies would join, now that they were over 12 months old then. Similar discussions occurred in the past, but often casually and we had some obvious and logical school choices. It’s still over a year before my children will officially be joining a School. The alarm bells rang though. I was pondering and inquired. We both kept probing and only confusions had to take over.  I was only able to find that while I thought my wife was too early for starting that discussion seriously, I found she was already too late.

Read on to the interesting article which talks about school donation, rules that you must know before you seek out a school - it's funny and engaging. The complete article can be read here on Indian Fusion.

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Posted by eburton Feb 24, 2011

How do you help increase your child’s vocabulary?

While reading: Research indicates that children with well developed vocabulary skills learn more words indirectly from reading and discussing than through direct teacher instruction.  

How can parents help enhance their child’s vocabulary skills?

  • Have book discussions asking your child to share what words mean while reading or after reading a book.
  • Encourage your child to read widely and deeply by providing books that capitalize on their interests. Your local librarian can be your best resource here.

Are there free resources I can utilize online?

Ready to help your child learn to read today?

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