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Posted by Jeanne Rogers Apr 24, 2012

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The website is dedicated to fighting CyberCrime and supporting CyberSafety.  You will find information to use for parenting tips and to use in class discussions.

I have been asked to pass this along.  If you choose to participate, kindly post back and share your experience with the Thinkfinity Florida group.
If you teach near the beach, it's time to sign your 2nd-4th grade classes up for the Great Beach Exploration Project at Teachers will request access to the investigation questions from me via email and I will then add them as collaborators on the wiki as well.


So far we have my classes near Saugatuck, MI on Lake Michigan committed as well as a classes from Craig AK, Encinitas CA, and Racine WI. It would be great to get participation from all regions of  the country as well as outside of the United States.


Thanks to all who responded to my earlier email on this. I will be contacting those resources very shortly.


This by no means is an ADE exclusive project. If you know of a teacher who may want to join in on the learning, please forward this to them.


Here's to a great collaborative learning experience.
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Mobilize the Earth is this year's Earth Day theme.  Celebrate Earth Day, from Verizon Thinkfinity partner ReadWriteThink, offers lesson plans, history of Earth Day and resource links.


National Wildlife Week was March 19-25 this year.  Focus was on Extra-Ordinary Wildlife.  If you didn't get the chance, take a look at the numerous resources available.


Earth Science for Kids from NASA shares information on people, water, land, air and hazard links will teach, inform and amaze you. This site has great links and many are still active even though the site hasn't been updated since 2004.


Planet Pals This site has poetry, ecology tips and tricks, and recycling information. Meet the Planet Pals, Greenbean and H2O.

Jeanne Rogers

Topic to Remember

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Apr 3, 2012 held a severe weather awareness week in January this past year.  This is an opportunity for Floridians to learn about various hazards associated with weather conditions. Topics focused on included lightning, marine currents, tornadoes, thunderstorms,hurricanes, flooding, and high temperatures and wildfires.  Best to review these topics throughout the year.

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