Do Teachers Kill Creativity?

Posted by cmares28 Dec 27, 2011

From Marginal Revolution: "the characteristics that teachers use to describe their favorite student correlate negatively with the characteristics associated with creativity. In addition, although teachers say that they like creative students, teachers also say creative students are “sincere, responsible, good-natured and reliable.” In other words, the teachers don’t know what creative students are actually like.

As a result, schooling has a negative effect on creativity."

Personally I am sympathetic to the argument. Any form of standardized instruction and thought is going to kill creative instincts. This is especially true at the university level where far too often the students who receive the best marks (especially when writing) are those who are best able to regurgitate what the instructor has said.

Here is the paper: Creativity:
An Asset or Burden in the Classroom?

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