Two articles written on education reform this past week from the (The Economist Magazine website). The first, Reforming Education: The Great Schools Revolution. The second, Electronic Education: Flipping the Classroom. Reforming Education lists four important themes which seem to drive better performance: "decentralization (handing power back to schools); a focus on underachieving pupils; a choice of different sorts of schools; and high standards for teachers." The article takes a critical look at different models being implemented worldwide and analyzes their effectiveness. Electronic Education reexamines the potential for the internet to change our current education model. Specifically mentioned in the article is the a non-profit internet based education service started by Salman Khan and endorsed by Bill Gates. Khan Academy is known for "the flip," where the in-class lectures turn into the homework, in the form of short you-tube videos explaining (primarily math and science) concepts. Class-time is freed up for working on problems and allowing instructors to act as coaches, helping students with questions and allowing students to work at their own pace.


Comments for or against the arguments made in the articles are encouraged. Happy Reading.