November is the month that commemorates the Mexican Revolution. You can learn about this important event in the history of Mexico by accessing this fully bilingual spotlight from EDSITEment ( that provides a historical background, a section on the Mexican muralist movement, the women who fought in the Revolution and the corrido tradition (music), This resource also includes a great bilingual glossary and songs with the lyrics in both Spanish and English.


With a growing interest in world history events, especially in higher education, the Mexican Revolution is an event of great importance, considering that it is the first modern revolution of the 20th century.


A large collection of resources are available through EDSITEment!


ranging  from PBS documentaries, to audiobooks!


Discover how you can include these resources and this historical event in your classroom!


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We like combining knowledge, so why not combining teaching and learning also? Sure!


One of our favorites at EDSITEment ( is combining the studying of the arts and culture and a foreign language... a great way to do this?


Visit virtually one of the most important museums in the world! El Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain


This is the official site, and they also have a page with virtual tours of the gallery space of the great museum, and also a great page with audioguides, including resources for kids!


How else do you think you could work with these resources?


These are part of the great EDSITEment Best of the Web Spanish resources, all available (divided by levels of proficiency) at the EDSITEment website:

Recurso favorito del día  /  Favorite Resource of the Day


Buenas, y saludos cordiales, a todo quien visite nuestro rinconcito y a todo miembro y docente del castellano.


Este es un Blog especial, y vamos a presentar varios días por semana algún recurso favorito del día que con mucho gusto compartiré con todo miembro o visitante a nuestra página.


Recurso favorito de hoy:

A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico (bilingüe)

An online exhibit celebrating the art and culture of a diverse society

Hello, and greetings, to all who come and visit our little corner and to all member and teacher of Spanish.


This is a special blog, and we will be presenting several days a week a favorite resource of the day which we will be delighted to share with all member or visitor to our page.


Favorite Resource today:

A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico

An online exhibit celebrating the art and culture of a diverse society (Bilingual)

Well, sure!


If students are interested in Greek mythology, teachers can take this opportunity

to teach students where this mythology comes from, and explore how much in our life, society, government, art and culture comes from or has been influenced in some way by Ancient Greece, as well as just how often we encounter these myths.


This EDSITEment resource is fully in Spanish, and teaches about the Mythology in the sky!


Historias del cielo. La astronomía a través de los mitos

From the Ministerio de Educación de España, Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas, a site on astronomy and the mythology of the heavens, with music and readings on figures of Greek mythology, the stars, and constellations. Intermediate through advanced students.

These resources can enrich your teaching, these are approved websited by EDSITEment , all are part of the Best of the Web Spanish sites ( )


This are a collection of audiobooks in Spanish on the Mexican Independence and Revolution:


Audiolibros Niños 2010

A collection of audiobooks, including music and text. Early intermediate students and younger native-speaking students. Content pertains to the Mexican Revolution and the Mexican Independence, which celebrated their Bicentennial and Centennial in the year 2010.




The Storm That Swept Mexico

A webpage for the PBS documentary, The Storm That Swept Mexico, with educational activities, interactives, resources and visuals for students and educators on the Mexican Revolution (1910).



Maybe taking your students to a museum in another country, like in Paris or Madrid is a tad too ambitious an activity or field trip for a class, however, it can be done! With these approved resources for the classroom, you can take your students virtually to the Louvre in Paris or to the Prado in Madrid... the Audioguides and podcasts can enrich your foreign language classes and help your students with reading comprehension and listening skills!


Find out how much you can do with these EDSITEment resources ( - Note: these are part of the EDSITEment's Best Of The Web Spanish resources, at:


Museo Nacional del Prado Audio Guides

Introduction and access to children’s audio tours as a fun way to learn about the masterpieces of the museum’s rich collections. Intermediate through advanced students.


Louvre Museum

Official site with "Eye-opener" and “Personal Space” features for in-depth and custom viewing of the Louvre's great collection.



What else can you do with websites like these ones?


November almost here!

Posted by Luisannacr Oct 27, 2011

Group! with November around the corner, I just wanted to point you all to EDSITEment's resource on Halloween and Day of the Dead,


A great opportunity for the classroom to explore different cultures and celebrations that make each nation unique! It is also an opportunity to explore Spanish as a foreign language, and also to learn about the origins of Halloween, a day that without a doubt students will be familiar with... a good question to pose in class would be, "Where does Halloween come from?"


Also, since November is practically here, it is a great opportunity also to explore the Native American History Month, with this excellent EDSITEment resource!


what else are you exploring with your class this November?

For the younger learners, EDSITEment presents these resources to teach Spanish to the little ones. Many of these resources provide basic Spanish vocabulary, and also interactives and multimedia to expand the intellectual horizons of young minds:


La Familia Lesson Plan:


Argentina Mundo Niños Vetted Website:


Proyecto Música Educa Vetted Website:

Learn more about Halloween and the Day of the Dead: the cultural practices and their origins!


Explore, learn with this great EDSITEment resource:

But you can always explore the Hispanic presence in America!


Let EDSITEment ( ) be your guide with this great feature to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, , and its large and varied collection of great resources for students and teachers... Join us!

Halloween and the Day of the Dead might be of interest to students


Learn more about their origins, with this EDSITEment resource on the Origins of Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

Halloween, Day of the Dead in detail!


During October, EDSITEment explores in detail the great cultural diversity that surrounds the many celebrations that take place during October and November. This great resource, explores Halloween and the Day of the Dead and the origins of these celebrations.


Other EDSITEment resources explore these celebrations and others that illustrate the great cultural diversity of the United States and Mexico, like the following:

The Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico, in video! from the EDSITEment-reviewed resource, Mis cositas,


Build your own Altar to the dead interactively with this resource from the Smithsonian Latino Center,


Discover Mexican traditions with this resource,

Hoy es octubre 5. Es el Día Mundial de los Docentes, celebrado desde 1994 .


¿Cuál es la mejor manera de celebrar  a todos los docentes del mundo y de tu comunidad?


Este grupo celebra y expresa su aprecio a todo docente. El sitio en la Red oficial de este día, se encuentra en:


Encuentra en este sitio también ideas acerca de cómo se puede celebrar este día, disponible en varios idiomas (español, francés, inglés). Incluso, en este sitio los estudiantes pueden enviar a sus docentes tarjetas postales en agradecimiento.


¡Gracias, docentes, por su servicio y por ser las fuerzas del progreso y crecimiento en toda comunidad!



Today is October 5th. It is World Teachers’ Day, celebrated since 1994.


Which is the best way you can think of to celebrate all the teachers of the world and of your community?


This group celebrates and expresses its appreciation to all teachers. The official website for this day can be found at:


Find on this site also ideas about how to celebrate this special day, available in several languages (Spanish, French, English). Also, at this site, students can send to their teachers their own postcars in appreciation.


Thank you, teachers, for your service and for being the true forces of progress and growth in every community!

Hispanic Heritage Month Continues!


And, here are some of the highly recommended EDSITEment resources:


Hispanic Heritage Month Student Feature:


Lesson plans, fully bilingual Academic Unit, on Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (This was recently featured by the Library of Congress for Hispanic Heritage Month:és-de-la-cruz-first-great-latin-american-poet



La Familia Lesson Plan, for beginners in Spanish:



The Origins of Halloween and the Day of the Dead in This Month’s Feature:

Interestingly Enough: Synonyms in Two Different Languages and Not So Much


The new NEH-funded documentary, Prohibition, Documents an important moment in American History. This EDSITEment,, student resource can guide students in their learning experience of this great teaching tool: The official site for this documentary is at:


Interestingly enough, in Spanish Prohibition is called “Ley Seca” (Dry Law, or Draught Law), which is still the law followed the weekends elections take place in Mexico: Simply put, alcohol cannot be legally sold, or purchased until the day elections take place is over. Furthermore, elections are always on Sundays, and the for the entire weekend the nation follows the “Ley Seca”  (Prohibition).


Interesting cultural difference... Wouldn’t you agree?

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