You can introduce this easy vocabulary with this dynamic lesson plan from EDSITEment,


Teachers out there, what other activities would you add to this lesson plan to enrich the learning experience of young learners/beginners?

To teach about literature non native English speakers, and to prepare non natives and English language learners to study and speak about literature, they must first know the literary terminology.


This is a

Literary Glossary Index Complete with lesson plans




Discover how many different ways you can use this in the classroom.

EDSITEment offers a good selection of great resources in foreign languages and culture that can be useful to any classroom, take students to other countries virtually!



This page includes resources for French and Spanish

The Poetry Foundation offers a wide extraordinary collection of poetry for ESL classroom, plus, who can’t benefit from Poetry? In any language...


Poetry Foundation


Children’s section offers imaginative ways to incorporate poetry in children’s lives, interviews with poets, and more. Includes an interactive poetry tool for searching through poems.



Teachers can effectively use the news, like this EDSITEment ( ) approved resource:


BBC Mundo:

The site contains news of the world in Spanish. Advanced students. AP recommended.


which also has an extraordinary listening-comprehension resource, with a streaming radio, BBC Mundo Radio at:


Create worksheets to test the students' listening comprehension, as well as their oral skills based upon the news clips you select, or use the printed news clips as practice for reading comprehension and adding a writing component.


What else could you do with these resources?

This is the featured resource of the day, for Spanish learners and teachers:


Historias del cielo. La astronomía a través de los mitos


From the Ministerio de Educación de España, Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas, a site on astronomy and the mythology of the heavens, with music and readings on figures of Greek mythology, the stars, and constellations. Intermediate through advanced students.





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