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Jeanne Rogers

Love that "New"!

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Apr 16, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.20.13 PM.png

New changes to the "add an image" for Google Mail (Gmail).


Once you select the icon, a window appears providing you with a choice to select your photo from your Google collection or albums as well as to upload from your computer or a web address.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.22.24 PM.png

You may also select to add the photo as an attachment or inline.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.22.33 PM.png

Jeanne Rogers

Alternatives to YouTube

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Apr 10, 2014

There are many discussions and posts within the Community regarding the use of YouTube in the classroom.  It seems the use of videos that last 30 minutes or longer are not as effective as they once were.  Kids attention spans have definitely been affected by the use of electronic devices.  YouTube offers a wide variety of video and offers the ability to embed the video into Google Drive.  There are also many varied videos on current educational topics; The Flipped Classroom is one example.


Is YouTube blocked in your school?

YouTube for Schools

SafeShare.TV - The Safest Way To Share YouTube videos


If you are working at a school that blocks YouTube, consider checking out this shared Google Doc, Eighty Alternatives to YouTube.

This is a good tutorial:


These are great step by step directions, Create a Google form - Drive Help.


Other Thinkfinity posts on Forms:

Customizing Google Forms

Which Google Docs Templates Will You Use?


Just a reminder that Google Forms can be used for many things including surveys.  A good tool to use for creating quizzes and by using Flubarro you will have an electronically graded set of papers!

Flubaroo- Grading Made Easy

Assessments Made Easy…. With Google Docs

Jeanne Rogers

Make the World Better

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Feb 25, 2014


This year marks the 7th consecutive year for the Doodle 4 Google art contest.  The theme this year is " If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place..."  The contest is open to K-12 students in the United States.  Enter this competition by going to the site for information regarding the application form.  Doodle your version of the Google logo based on the theme above.  You may submit your entry online or through the USPS.  The winner will receive a $30,000 scholarship and a $55,000 technology grant for their school.  Submission deadline is March 20, 2014.

Jeanne Rogers

Google Science Fair 2014

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Feb 21, 2014

googlescifair14.JPGIt's that time of year for the Google Science Fair!  This is an online global science competition open to students ages 13-18.  Students are encouraged to change the world through scientific inquiry.  Not only will the students learn about their topic, but they will have the opportunity to develop other skills through their exploration.


One of the sponsors for this is our very own Thinkfinity content partner, National Geographic!

Jeanne Rogers

Google at FETC 2014

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Feb 2, 2014


Google's involvement at FETC 2014 was well noted.  Google was one of the Platinum Sponsors for this conference. The Google Team presented throughout the day on a variety of Google topics. The team, made up of Google Education Trainers and staff, gave a number of short sessions in the training theater in the Google booth. Turn An Entry Doc Into A Launch Pad For A Google Docs Workflow Solution, presented by Ann Witherspoon, has been included for your use.


Jeanne Rogers

Google Clean Up

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Jan 12, 2014

I've just read Jane Brown's blog post, Review, Remove, Reorganize, Renew, Relax, and have been inspired.  I know lots of tips and have read a lot about deleting old accounts that you no longer use, changing one's password and so forth.  However, I began thinking about the convenience of using Google and that perhaps I've neglected a much needed clean up of Google Drive.


Google Drive has made it so easy to save files one finds on the web, save photos from email messages, not to mention all the documents I seem to create and leave for another day.  And so, it is time for a Google clean up.


I suggest making folders and place your saved items in the appropriate folder. You will still see a complete list of documents, presentations, forms etc. which you can sort in various ways.  However, you can use the folders as a tool to group your items. Organize your files into folders will provide great direction, as will, Organize files in Drive on your iPhone and iPad and Google Drive and Docs: Managing Your Files.


I don't know why I find it is so difficult to 'recycle' or 'trash' an item. Guess I'll need to work on that next.

Here's a good tip from Richard Byrne: Make Copies of Google Documents Shared With You As "View Only."  Screenshots and directions are provided.  By sharing "view only," the original documents or presentations will not be able to be altered.  This is really great for those sharing directions with students.  However, students will be able to make a copy and then alter it.  Consider creating a template for a book report or lab activity sheet, share 'view only'.  Students are able to copy the template, complete, and share back with you.

eSchool News posted information about Google providing virtual field trips through their Connected Classrooms platform, November 27, 2013.  Google is hoping to increase the collaboration between teachers and encourage the development of digital skills in students.  Connected Classrooms is a program that connects k-12 teachers with not only resources for virtual field trips, but also best practices and teaching strategies. The virtual field trips are live events and a calendar is available for those hoping to plan ahead.  Look for recorded virtual field trips available through YouTube.

Google provides a wide range of tools for education, including Google Earth and Google Drive (formerly referred to as Tools). Another is the Google Cultural Institute which provides access to exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world.  At this time there are three main projects, Art, World Wonders, and Archive exhibitions. There are digital exhibits that help tell the stories behind the archives of the various cultural institutions around the globe.

Educators will find a variety of additional aids to use in the classroom.  On various works of art, you may zoom in to examine the brush strokes.  Lesson plans, presentations and activity sheets are available for the World Wonders Project. Consider creating your own collection for various classroom topics or themes.

Google Cultural Institute continues to add collections and exhibits.  Check back often.

Here's a video on how to use the site.


Jeanne Rogers

Using Google Drive

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Nov 8, 2013

The use of Google Drive continues to provide folks with an alternative to the Microsoft Office suite of products.  Parents will find this to be good news because a child's school work, done in Google Drive, will be available to that student when they log into a computer anywhere/anytime.  So, they can finish an assignment at Grandma's or on a mobile device on the way to soccer practice or a doctor appointment.  Many schools use Google Drive, which includes documents, presentations, drawing, and spreadsheets.  This makes sharing assignments with their teacher a snap. One of the nice things Google Drive provides is the ability to download the item/document.  One download choice is in pdf format and this is explained nicely in How to Create PDFs in Google Drive in Three Steps

Jeanne Rogers

Customizing Google Forms

Posted by Jeanne Rogers Sep 14, 2013

The Google Drive Blog, post from September 9, 2013, shares Four new ways to customize your Google Forms.  One I think will be most helpful is the ability to embed video into the form.  This is great news for those flipping their classrooms.

Previous posts regarding Google Forms, include:

Flubaroo- Grading Made Easy

Assessments Made Easy…. With Google Docs

What tools have you found for creating surveys and polls

Have you found some good resources on how to use Google tools?

googlesearchbottom.JPGYou are able to check the reading level of non-fiction text by using the advanced feature in Google Search.


How To Google Search By Reading Level

1. First, choose a term, and Google it as you always have, whether you’re looking for a copyright-free version of an American classic or National Geographic's Animal Jam.


2. Next, click “Advanced Search” which is located at the bottom of the search page.


3. Scroll to the bottom, and filter results by reading level.  Use the drop down arrow to reveal your options for narrowing your search.googlenarrow.JPG


After you have clicked on the "Advanced Search" button, your search page will reload with this information located at the top of the page.

You are able to sort search results for the three levels.


I had to create an additional Gmail account for all of my 'subscriptions'.  I've yet to find any of them a nuisance. I always pick up some good tips to share or use myself.  By the way, the Thinkfinity's September eNewsletter will be coming out soon and I am psyched to read what's going on in the Community.  At any rate, I just joined TeachHub.com and read the blog post "100+ Google Tricks for Teachers".  Lots of good information, many helpful tips offered.


The blog post includes 'tricks' on search, Google for Education, Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Google Mobile, Chrome, books and Apps.

Google's Conversational Voice search went live in Chrome at the end of May.  Are you using Google's Voice Search?  I admit to typing my questions as I always have.  Part of the reason is where I am usually working and what is convenient for me may very well be annoying for someone else.  Getting nutritional information on food items and a quick sports answer when in the middle of a game are all good reasons to use Voice.

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