I am starting a project with one 5th Grade class.  They studying colonial times, so they are going to take the role of a colonist, and keep a blog about what is happening in their daily lives.  I'm trying to see if we can design specific questions to ask in our comments section that will prompt the colonist/bloggers to provide more information.


I'm thinking of designing a new blog just for this project, and have the students choose new colonist names.


When our projects are posted, I will invite anyone to read and reply!


Integrating Specials Classes

Posted by CBrown Oct 7, 2010

I work on a planning team with our Teacher Librarian, Music, PE, and Art teachers.  Our building goal this year is writing, and we were asked to devise a plan for supporting writing through integration of all our disciplines.  Blogs are going to be it.  Each of our 5th Grade classes has a blog "community" where students have their own blogging spaces.  I've added all the teachers as users, and they will post and comment to students about topics in Art, Music, and PE.  They will use the blogs as an assessment tool.  The Teacher Librarian and I will be monitoring the blogs, noting students' writing skills, and integrating instruction to support the writing process.


I'm very excited to have the group on board, and to see the kind of success we have with it.


The writing process

Posted by CBrown Aug 25, 2010

In a meeting today, we were discussing writing goals for our building.  In the first couple days of school, I have been able to model the writing process, edit, and talk about purpose and audience.  The students are engaged, and are working hard.  They are so excited about sharing their ideas through the blog.  I have a 2nd grade teacher who wants to use blogs for writing journals, and a 4th grade teacher who wants to create peer groups to discuss writing.  Slowly but surely I hope to show more teachers that a blog can be an effective tool for writing, not just an "add-on" when traditional projects are finished.


Internet Safety Blogs

Posted by CBrown Aug 5, 2010

Through an Intel Teaching Thinking with Technology course, I have designed blogging assignments during an Internet Safety unit.  Hopefully these will function as learning logs during the unit.  I will be tracking my progress here both to share with the community and as an accountability to my Intel unit plan.